…And so I begin.

The site is still falling into place and may possibly change day by day. Every day I wonder what I will do over the day besides being a mom and a wife. Today, I am trying to be a blog designer. I am pretty much the most uneducated blogger ever to cross the internet. Trust me. Two left hands. I don’t know who my audience is and I assume there is none at the moment and I have no one to gear my conversations to. However, I will attempt to write at every chance to find those people.

I have no idea how to do html’s and honestly don’t even know how to pluralize the word. There are few websites that I have not yet visited and so there is more to do today in my goal to become a professional blog designer. Loads of little half triangles and quotations and numbers and periods and commas and slashes and dashes. And as endless as the latter sentence- is how endless these html’s look to me. I assume people learn what each one stands for, but at the moment I don’t have a clue.

So shall I memorize the number chart first or the the meanings of the little symbols. I need a html for dummies book right about now… I must continue on my search now or I will never be able to become professional in this field. Just wanted to start off the blog- it has been waiting so long I was beginning to feel bad.

I will hopefully return with more progress…


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