Laundry Grows as The List Shrinks

Originally, when I had started this blog I had thought I would write every day. Why wouldn’t I? I never had an issue with finding ideas to talk about. But then it happened, I got busy. Yesterday, I was struck by a tornado of laundry. You see, I don’t ponder over the concept of never-ending laundry. I know why there are heaps of all different shades and colors even the day after I wash five loads. I have a severe case of the WWW‘s. You must Wash What’s Worn. I can’t help it I just don’t like when things are seen repeatedly.

And so, there are days lost to laundry. I am the creator of my own problems. I have a front loader washing machine, to make it even worse, and it takes a full day to do my laundry. Fill up the machine, pour in the detergent, switch on the power, and wait two hours. Throw it in the dryer, hang what cannot be dried and power it up. The cycle is endless. The laundry is always in separate hampers according to colors so it is easier on the day I decide to do nothing but that. A day reserved for the machine.

As I type, I look down at my shirt and I see about six large, dirty spots. I was about to say that this is the life when you have children. However, being that my children are either in school or sleeping right now who am I to blame. I know I can get away with the lie- we always put the guilt on those who can not defend themselves. Sounds awful in words but it is the truth. Right now I must accuse myself. I was online and eating at the same time. I am glad the runny sunny-side-up did not leak through the letters on the keyboard.

So I do run out of time to blog. What a novel idea. I accomplished several loads of laundry but now there are several sky-high mountains of clean stuff on the couch. I did not blog and I am deeply saddened by the fact that my English is suffering. I did not have time to write but I did read an article by a significantly younger blogger and I was pained.

Being out of school for so many years, and not lifting a pen nor pressing a key, or writing a phrase nor scribbling a poem, I have a shriveled and aged mind. With general knowledge, I usually feel pretty precocious but when in comes to my terminology, I feel ludicrous. My vocabulary is not up to par. I have regressed considerably. My posts look like essays that I have pulled out from ancient schoolwork. I have done better in eleventh grade and now my writing is far below amateur.

I was hoping to narrow down my skills and now the list is reduced to a couple of raw abilities. Without years of practice and perhaps some reading material, I will never be able to write even close to professionally. I can no longer go to school and so, even if I never have any literary accomplishments, I still want to learn more. I will devote more time to my diction. I will attempt to use more powerful words and use them correctly. Hopefully, in a year I will see some improvement.

Anyone out there in cyber space who sees improper usage, please comment and let me know. I must learn from my mistakes and sharpen my skills before I am left with nothing.

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