Plagued With TMI

Can’t seem to get all the Grammy TMI out of my head. So, did she get a Brazilian or not. Gross. I am beginning to realize that lately there has been way too much information in all the wrong places. It would be nice if our political leaders would disclose the important details and not all the trivial and useless ones. Speaking of which, do people really believe that the U.S. leaders have no idea where Osama Bin Laden is? They know everything, and they were even warned about September 11th. But they can’t find a man attached to a dialysis machine? There were claims since December 2001 that he had died and now they are popping up and saying that he is alive and well. Don’t let me get started on politics. I don’t know enough. I only know conspiracy theories, they are my all time favorite.

Back to the celebrity TMI. The media dictates most of our lives and they affect our society and culture a great deal. There are extremes, of course, of people following every celebrity move. Complete makeovers to resemble their stars. The significant others who will pay a bloody fortune to acquire a dirty tissue of the sniffling Scarlett Johansson. That, by the way, went for 5,300 in an eBay auction. Point proven. However, there are more common ways of emulating. I admit, I am guilty in plenty of ways. We all want their shoes, their carriages, their hairdo, and sometimes even their loved ones. Hey, they are hot! Who wouldn’t be tempted? Nothing serious. Just one night.

Scary thought though, especially after watching the Grammy awards. These are the people guiding the public. So long Mother Theresa, Lady Gaga has hatched and is the new kid  in town. There is an updated color chart and Pink has gone nude. We have no hope at all. The likelihood of a future functioning society and normalcy is highly improbable. A slow and painful demise of the world. Gradual deterioration of our brains from the doltish lyrics and absurd facades that are becoming a reality.

These are the ones our children emulate. The role model of every tween, teenybopper, teen, and punk. It has even carried on to lure in the adults. They are all aspiring to follow in celebrity paths. It would be acceptable to attempt the fame, but we are talking something different. These are not all reputable, admirable, or even unique individuals. Our young population is now attracted to all their bad traits.

It used to be different. They contribute a lot to our lives and I wont deny how they brighten our days with music and relieve our pains with fiction and movies. A lot of positive can come from them and perhaps used to, but no longer do I see this the case. It is a lot more exciting for kids to escape their lives and live in the fantasy. We used to know the difference and we used it as a retreat from our sometimes difficult reality. But now, this life is something that truly exists for them. It seems authentic.

We are beginning to get desensitized. Epidemics of TMI about drugs and rehab and constant marriage and divorce. A disposable society. A meaningless life void or anything of substance. Debilitating freedom and lives of no consequence. Prevalent immorality and accepted corruption. A whole culture devoid of shame. The development of a whole new education system of depravity. We are in big trouble. This can only end in disaster.

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