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Space Shoes

It has been a long time since I wrote last. I just don’t feel that excited about writing like I used to… I thought more people would read it and it is depressing to have so few readers. I can’t expect any viewers though, when I hardly find time to write and the posts are incredibly dull.

In a way, I am happy that I am too busy to find things to write. I finally got a job and although I plan to resign, as of now, it keeps me occupied. All day, when I am not busy taking care of the chaos in my home, I am thinking of quitting my job. The hours are bad, the job is unsatisfying, and I spend majority of my day yelling at my children and running all over the place. Supper is never made, and dishes are never washed. Laundry piles are on every piece of furniture that can hold a mound of clothing and towels. The money just isn’t enough to keep this going.

My hair is miserable. It is about 6 weeks now of no-poo, and it is still disastrous. It all began about two weeks ago when I was determined to make my own shampoo. I blended a peeled cucumber and lemon and massaged it into my scalp. NEVER massage anything into oily hair unless you want a new habitué on your head. Weeks later, and still I am convinced that I will never be able to get out the pulp and cucumber bits from my head. Now, not only do I have greasy, dry, and damaged hair, I have rotten veggies in there as well. Read the rest of this entry

Why so violent? Beats me.

What should I do, my kids beat me up. I am sure there is a hotline for something like this, but hey, what else are blogs for.

It all starts bright and early in the morn. Occasionally, it isn’t yet morning, but you can tell the sky is thinking about it. The little guy, who miraculously manages to join me in the bed, prefers to let me know of his presence quite violently. He throws himself over my belly, which of course suffers dearly when so highly intoxicated with urine. You know those times your eyes blink open, warning you to pee so your bladder doesn’t explode. Those times you just snooze your brain messages to return to those blissful moments of slumber. Ouch. Read the rest of this entry

Afast vs. Aviral Antivirus

Aching limbs, painful-to-touch belly, sore throat, swollen glands… The symptoms go on.

I have been struck by the virus and I’m in dire need of a cure.

So, I have been contemplating my choice of antivirus software to help me heal and end this misery and it boiled down to two options. We have Afast Antivirus and Aviral Antivirus, both of which are free of charge.

It wasn’t that hard to get these remaining options due to the other software names. There was ‘V3′, which to me sounded like a car engine with three cylinders, when of course I would prefer more power. Or, it sounded like a vegetable beverage with way too little veggie vitamins, so it was a no-go. Then there was eTrust, and the name already made me say no. If you feel the need to tell me to trust a tiny, little, lower case letter “e”, it ain’t happening. And there were others: Doctor Web, who sounded like a flirty Doctor T; Nod32, which sounded like it would cause a stiff neck; F-prot, which was made by a company called ‘Frisk‘- definitely not going there; McAfee, what kinda name is that?; Protector Plus, which sounded like a tampon absorbency, etc. Read the rest of this entry

Tomorrow is only a day away…

The world is just barely recuperating  after such a horrific weekend. From murder to chaos to tragedy. The family was slain in their beds and the survivors continue to mourn. The settlement remains shaken up by the calamity. The earthquake in Japan, that lead to a devastating tsunami. The explosions from the power plants, that are continuously emitting radiation. The I-95 tour bus that crashed, killing 15 and critically wounding many others. The driver that was a felon previously and had jail time for manslaughter and grand larceny along with  several traffic violations and in addition to using fake aliases over the years.

Everything that has transpired, will leave an everlasting scar Read the rest of this entry

Antisemitism and Terrorism

I had plans for a totally different post before I sat down, however, that has all changed. I was actually aiming for some humor, but I can’t bring myself to cracking a joke on a day following one of terror.

I refuse to get into politics, as I had previously expressed, when it comes to who I believe is accountable and why, because I do not know enough. But in this case, a terrorist organization claimed responsibility for their merciless attack, and now I consider myself ‘permitted’ to blame them. That, and especially after they referred to this nefariousness as a “heroic act”. And even more so, after it sparked celebrations in the Palestinian city of Rafa where they handed out candies in the streets. Read the rest of this entry

Ho Hum, Humdrum

The number of viewers to my blog has diminished day-by-day. What was one day 164, now has become 2 on a good day. Like previously mentioned, this is for me. However, I still love when people read what I write.

Every time I find a second to post anything, there is a little voice in my head screaming at me for making thee most insipid and painfully lame blog entry. Listen, my life is not that exciting. It is hard to turn a mundane day of dishes and laundry into anything remotely entertaining.

Things are kind of bland nowadays so I can’t seem to find humor in my daily experiences. I have a pretty hectic schedule and so my brain doesn’t have time to drift off to far and exotic places. My poetry is practically, ‘I went to the store, to go buy some more. I brought along a child, his tantrum was nothing mild’. Now that, is embarrassing.

I used to have intellectual thoughts and many aspirations of grandeur. Now all I can hope for, is a day a little quieter and calmer than the last so that I can breathe. My dreams are of houses blanketed in tissues so that every child’s sneeze doesn’t end up in a run and search party. While I am fantasizing, a little less runny noses would be greatly appreciated.

So, while I would love to humor the world and entertain my viewers, my days are lacking in excitement. I will just have to, once again, go back to my idea of writing for my personal sanity. Back to my days of grabbing the available moment to post anything at all.

Child number two is not feeling too well and has joined me for my day. Now I really can’t post anything substantial. Sorry guys, it’s just you and me.

Chris Medina, A Real American Idol

I tend to veer towards bashing men more than anything else, and so I must write this post to express my apologies to the exceptional ones. Yeah, you heard me. I definitely just said that. Though a minority, there are select few extraordinary men and they deserve some recognition.

In the American Idol’s audition, there was a contestant, Chris Medina, who came up and sang “Break Even” by the Script. He  sang beautifully, but that wasn’t what I was most impressed by. He was a man. A proper man. His life story really made an impact on me and brought tears to my eyes. I think I owe it to him to share it to the world.

I may not get all the details correct, but the idea remains the same. He has had a girlfriend, Juliana, for eight years and was engaged 2+ years. After they got engaged, they had planned to get married after a two year engagement. Soon before the wedding plans, she was in a tragic car accident Read the rest of this entry

Say Yes-Poo to No-Poo

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term ‘No-Poo’, I will enlighten you. I assume you  aren’t insanely natural and health conscious (or just new to the idea like me) so, ‘No-Poo’ is the phrase used for no commercial shampoo usage. Basically, going natural for some, or spending hours making your own, for others. I like to be healthy but I refuse to go crazy. I respect those who go all the way out for all these things, but I don’t feel pressured in doing the same. Whether or not I believe that the organic craze is crap or not, good for those who can afford to uphold its lifestyle. If I had loads of extra cash I would go for it too even if I was unsure of its necessity. But I don’t.

There are always things that I can attempt to change in my home before that huge kitchen turnover. I switched to BPA free and it was easy. I love kitchen gadgets so it was definitely an excuse to get some more.  Maybe I can make a change in my children’s health, or maybe not. But it’s the least I can do in this junk infested world. Read the rest of this entry

Meet Mess. My New Best Friend.

As bizarre as it is to say, I am actually just sitting back and settling softly, relaxed into my new home. What was once a model of perfection, has transformed into a district of complete disarray. I thought it would aggravate me, but I have shocked even myself as I just sat there and stared.

My three darling sons, may they live and be well, emptied several of my cabinets, thereby creating  a world for themselves amongst the pots and containers that are strewn about. To some this may sound small, but that is because you can not comprehend the vast amounts of kitchen paraphernalia that I have collected throughout the years.

Instead of the normal reaction of the initial overwhelming moment and my petrifying screams, astonishingly I just silently watched. I put my feet up and relaxed my always-tense nerves and let my eyes shut. I was overcome by waves of serenity and a satisfying peace. One after another, they marched around with every rounded object on their head. From previous pots, strainers, and containers, they now had lovely hats and work helmets. They stood inside everything that once contained food and called it their home. It was amazing how their little feet could even fit in some of them at all.

There were tall towers and fortresses. Several times, the thought passed my mind to wash up the stuff and put them away. Until I realized that I did not care. The clutter did not bother me at all. I can live like this for a bit longer. They have been quietly playing for hours. So a little foot lifting will have to be done to walk around without stabs of pain. Who can complain when weighing the options of tiny, microscopic matchbox cars or 6 quart pots. At least we know we can avoid one of them.

I will have to try to remember, before opening all doors, that the leaning tower of pots may be against it and is just barely holding on. Nothing I can’t deal with. As long as I can continue sitting back with my feet up. As long as I can finally relax.

Look at the bright side, at least I am falling for the mess and not from it.

Juggling Momhood and Failure

I don’t handle failure well, or I should say, I don’t handle it all. The scores came back from my, SAT equivalent, Psychometric Test. Even though I agreed to accept the fact that a full-time mom,  full-time wife, and full-time housekeeper, may not attain the highest of scores, the words were all said in vain. I could not hear them, no matter how hard I tried.

It was an easy task to talk it into myself, however, obviously not as easy to believe it. I let the idea of the grades escape my mind and had not thought about it for a month. I was told the grades were in and I was DEFINITELY not prepared for what I saw. I had felt pretty confident after the test and got fairly decent scores on the practice exams. Nonetheless, the score reflected nothing but my failure to multitask mom and student. Read the rest of this entry