Meet Mess. My New Best Friend.

As bizarre as it is to say, I am actually just sitting back and settling softly, relaxed into my new home. What was once a model of perfection, has transformed into a district of complete disarray. I thought it would aggravate me, but I have shocked even myself as I just sat there and stared.

My three darling sons, may they live and be well, emptied several of my cabinets, thereby creating  a world for themselves amongst the pots and containers that are strewn about. To some this may sound small, but that is because you can not comprehend the vast amounts of kitchen paraphernalia that I have collected throughout the years.

Instead of the normal reaction of the initial overwhelming moment and my petrifying screams, astonishingly I just silently watched. I put my feet up and relaxed my always-tense nerves and let my eyes shut. I was overcome by waves of serenity and a satisfying peace. One after another, they marched around with every rounded object on their head. From previous pots, strainers, and containers, they now had lovely hats and work helmets. They stood inside everything that once contained food and called it their home. It was amazing how their little feet could even fit in some of them at all.

There were tall towers and fortresses. Several times, the thought passed my mind to wash up the stuff and put them away. Until I realized that I did not care. The clutter did not bother me at all. I can live like this for a bit longer. They have been quietly playing for hours. So a little foot lifting will have to be done to walk around without stabs of pain. Who can complain when weighing the options of tiny, microscopic matchbox cars or 6 quart pots. At least we know we can avoid one of them.

I will have to try to remember, before opening all doors, that the leaning tower of pots may be against it and is just barely holding on. Nothing I can’t deal with. As long as I can continue sitting back with my feet up. As long as I can finally relax.

Look at the bright side, at least I am falling for the mess and not from it.


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  1. proud of you doesnt it feel good? you know you gotta clean it up anyways(noone else will) and since you have noone coming over(Besides me sometimes ,and i couldnt care less)so enjoy! itll wait till youre ready

    • I am ready now. I was walking and I kept kicking another thing- it started off a bang into it and now it is a violent kick practically sending it through the walls. I threw it all in the sink.

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