Say Yes-Poo to No-Poo

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term ‘No-Poo’, I will enlighten you. I assume you  aren’t insanely natural and health conscious (or just new to the idea like me) so, ‘No-Poo’ is the phrase used for no commercial shampoo usage. Basically, going natural for some, or spending hours making your own, for others. I like to be healthy but I refuse to go crazy. I respect those who go all the way out for all these things, but I don’t feel pressured in doing the same. Whether or not I believe that the organic craze is crap or not, good for those who can afford to uphold its lifestyle. If I had loads of extra cash I would go for it too even if I was unsure of its necessity. But I don’t.

There are always things that I can attempt to change in my home before that huge kitchen turnover. I switched to BPA free and it was easy. I love kitchen gadgets so it was definitely an excuse to get some more.  Maybe I can make a change in my children’s health, or maybe not. But it’s the least I can do in this junk infested world.

I try to keep a watch on MSG and food colorings. Sometimes I must repeat to myself incessantly about the sources of these dyes to keep me from popping candies. I try to keep the tire cleaners and coal-tar derivatives out of my children’s system. Aspartame and sodas with heavy corn syrup don’t appear in my house on a regular basis. (if at all)

The list gets longer when I hear more things. I don’t mind doing extra, that may not even be necessary, if it can possibly make a difference. Anyhow, I heard about chemicals in shampoos and body washes and what really got me was that my hair was starting to resemble a rat’s tail. On some days I appeared to have placed my finger in the electric socket. Either way, it was a disaster. Chemicals or not, I was at a point where a change was more than essential for the survival of my hair.

I decided to try the No-Poo idea without any shampoo, not even home-made. My hair is now a matted nest of crap. I was not even so religious about it and occasionally washed the top with some of my kids’ natural shampoo. The hot water in my showers actually just slide down and hit my butt, no questions asked. I am a week and a half in and I am thinking this is an unattainable dream.

I just spent 37.10 on and bought a bunch of natural products. I am going to use shampoo. It is 98.8% natural and that is good enough for me. I got soap bars and my babies can use them too. It was an amazing deal and I got coupons (some buy 1 get 1 free‘s) so this won’t take away from my food this week. Maybe next.

We are at day 11 and it is totally poo with no- poo.

They say six weeks till the hair settles as somewhat normal. I say I  make it one more week and then hit the chemically infested shampoo bottles and slurp them till they are dripping down my chin.

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  1. no chance in hell. lol. i keep forgetting after the kids showers that i want to try it. but i only washed the bottom with the poison.

    i gotta try it. well truth is, i am going “no wer” stands for shower free. its been about 53 hours, 20 minutes and counting. who thinks i can last 6 weeks “no wer?”

  2. When pregnant I went as chemical free as possible, natural make ups, deodorant, shampoo, lotions, etc etc.

    I can honesty say in my experience, nothing works like the chemically laden stuff we use everyday. I couldnt wait to give birth so I could switch back!

    • I am all natural for deodorants but that is it. Now I can add shampoo to the list… The makeup I have never seen but I never wear makeup aside from eye shadow and mascara- so I could look into that. I can’t believe you did that when you were pregnant- what a sacrifice- I was too busy thinking what was edible as opposed to natural.

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