Ho Hum, Humdrum

The number of viewers to my blog has diminished day-by-day. What was one day 164, now has become 2 on a good day. Like previously mentioned, this is for me. However, I still love when people read what I write.

Every time I find a second to post anything, there is a little voice in my head screaming at me for making thee most insipid and painfully lame blog entry. Listen, my life is not that exciting. It is hard to turn a mundane day of dishes and laundry into anything remotely entertaining.

Things are kind of bland nowadays so I can’t seem to find humor in my daily experiences. I have a pretty hectic schedule and so my brain doesn’t have time to drift off to far and exotic places. My poetry is practically, ‘I went to the store, to go buy some more. I brought along a child, his tantrum was nothing mild’. Now that, is embarrassing.

I used to have intellectual thoughts and many aspirations of grandeur. Now all I can hope for, is a day a little quieter and calmer than the last so that I can breathe. My dreams are of houses blanketed in tissues so that every child’s sneeze doesn’t end up in a run and search party. While I am fantasizing, a little less runny noses would be greatly appreciated.

So, while I would love to humor the world and entertain my viewers, my days are lacking in excitement. I will just have to, once again, go back to my idea of writing for my personal sanity. Back to my days of grabbing the available moment to post anything at all.

Child number two is not feeling too well and has joined me for my day. Now I really can’t post anything substantial. Sorry guys, it’s just you and me.


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  1. It is like a punch to the gut when no one is reading. The varying number of blog hits is a source of puzzlement me too, in regard to my blog – sometimes i get a ton, on posts I think no one would read, and other times, I get only a few. No rhyme or reason to the fluctuation. Do you use social media to promote yourself? I post on facebook, and have a “fan” page of facebook, which helps get readers.
    I also try to write when I am on a roll, and in a good place with creative energy. I keep a few posts in draft mode for times when I am too **blah*** to string together anything more than a cohesive sentence.
    Hang in there, keep writing. Ups and downs are part of it.

  2. For me, I know people are reading my posts in Reader, in addition to the hits I can actually see. But you have yours set up so that only a part of it shows up in Reader. I guess that’s to encourage people to actually go to your blog to see more. But, unless there’s something in that first line that pulls you in, a lot of people won’t bother clicking for more.
    I say the same thing…I write for me. But it’s always nice to know people are reading, and even nicer when people take the time to comment.

    • Yeah, it is nice when people find time to comment or even hit like- or even average or good- or EVEN poor. I make that you click for more so that I can see if people are actually reading the blog or just stopping by. I get to see which posts are actually read.

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