Antisemitism and Terrorism

I had plans for a totally different post before I sat down, however, that has all changed. I was actually aiming for some humor, but I can’t bring myself to cracking a joke on a day following one of terror.

I refuse to get into politics, as I had previously expressed, when it comes to who I believe is accountable and why, because I do not know enough. But in this case, a terrorist organization claimed responsibility for their merciless attack, and now I consider myself ‘permitted’ to blame them. That, and especially after they referred to this nefariousness as a “heroic act”. And even more so, after it sparked celebrations in the Palestinian city of Rafa where they handed out candies in the streets.

A regular family, like mine and like yours, went to sleep on a regular weekend night. Unlike yours and mine, they either never made it to sleep or never woke up thereafter. Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the Arab terrorists called, Fatah “Freedom Fighters”,  entered a home in an Israeli settlement (Itamar) and brutally murdered a mother as she stepped out of the bathroom. After which they continued on and they slashed the throats of the father in his bed along with the 3 month old baby girl. They then stabbed a sleeping four-year-old boy twice in the heart and then slashed the throat of an eleven-year-old boy who was reading in his bed. Luckily, they did not seem to notice the six year old boy asleep on the couch and the two year old boy in his bed.

There was blood everywhere and toys strewn about. The twelve year old girl had returned from a youth outing and found her family slaughtered. A surviving boy was found screaming and shaking his limp and unresponsive parents.

The family released the photos in the hope that the horrific occurrence gets publicly displayed. They wanted the world to hear their cries. We should never know of such pain and tragedy. Children should never have to witness such a massacre. No one should ever be exposed to such atrocities. And most of all, no one should ever get away free after committing such heinous genocide.

What kind of people go out and brutally murder innocent, sleeping people because of their religion. What sort of humans can slash the throat of a helpless, tiny 3 month-old infant.

I believe that people can choose whatever religion they want, and definitely no one should be persecuted for it. Why there are religions based on hatred and the annihilation of specific races, is beyond me. But then again, this has been going on since way back in the beginning of time. Why are there religions breeding inhumane, merciless, and barbaric people. And most of all, WHY are people still standing up for them, clearing their names, and dismissing their savage ways?

For the sake of the orphans, I hope the killers come to justice. May they know of no more pain. May the world stop tolerating bloodshed.

I don’t know them, and in no way can I empathize. The most I can do, is sympathize and cry with them in their time of horrific and unimaginable pain.

All I can do is share their story and hope for change.


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  1. I’m horrified beyond words. I keep looking at the pictures, of the little fists and the blood, oh my god the blood… and the poor little baby.. The kids who will never get over it, and those poor helpless victims…I don’t understand.

  2. Ii didn’t see the pictures. I can’t bring myself to look at them.
    A three month old baby….how can a person do that?

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