Tomorrow is only a day away…

The world is just barely recuperating  after such a horrific weekend. From murder to chaos to tragedy. The family was slain in their beds and the survivors continue to mourn. The settlement remains shaken up by the calamity. The earthquake in Japan, that lead to a devastating tsunami. The explosions from the power plants, that are continuously emitting radiation. The I-95 tour bus that crashed, killing 15 and critically wounding many others. The driver that was a felon previously and had jail time for manslaughter and grand larceny along with  several traffic violations and in addition to using fake aliases over the years.

Everything that has transpired, will leave an everlasting scar on the world.

My hair is still suffering severe withdrawal from the No-Poo. I had to put special pillowcases on my bed to prevent oil stains. On a happy note, I am still trooping along. It is about a month without using commercial shampoo and I do not see any improvement yet. I really hope that soon, I will.

I started working as a part-time, sort of on-call, secretary. I feel a tad better but the kids, not so much. The house is also not dealing very well. The laundry gets done on occasion and the dishes every few days. The problem is, they get cleaned but then remain untouched on the counters gathering dust. There is no longer any counter space.

Money is low and after about two months of no big shopping, aside from milk and bread, we finally took care of that. So now, the funds are no longer officially low, they are just about obsolete.

This post is sad and whining, and for today, I just can’t do better. My glands are jutting out of my neck, swollen, and my stomach is sore. The baby is sick with puffy eyes and the other boys are on the nebulizer throughout the day. The change of weather has to go. It is time for some heat. I am always happier when there is warmth in the air.

Tomorrow is another day.

I hope, anyhow.


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  1. I think winter just drags us down no matter what’s going on. And this winter is wayyy too long. But spring is coming! Hang in there!

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