Space Shoes

It has been a long time since I wrote last. I just don’t feel that excited about writing like I used to… I thought more people would read it and it is depressing to have so few readers. I can’t expect any viewers though, when I hardly find time to write and the posts are incredibly dull.

In a way, I am happy that I am too busy to find things to write. I finally got a job and although I plan to resign, as of now, it keeps me occupied. All day, when I am not busy taking care of the chaos in my home, I am thinking of quitting my job. The hours are bad, the job is unsatisfying, and I spend majority of my day yelling at my children and running all over the place. Supper is never made, and dishes are never washed. Laundry piles are on every piece of furniture that can hold a mound of clothing and towels. The money just isn’t enough to keep this going.

My hair is miserable. It is about 6 weeks now of no-poo, and it is still disastrous. It all began about two weeks ago when I was determined to make my own shampoo. I blended a peeled cucumber and lemon and massaged it into my scalp. NEVER massage anything into oily hair unless you want a new habitué on your head. Weeks later, and still I am convinced that I will never be able to get out the pulp and cucumber bits from my head. Now, not only do I have greasy, dry, and damaged hair, I have rotten veggies in there as well.

I went shoe shopping yesterday for the boys and now I have adorned them with glitter. I wanted expensive Italian, buttery-soft, leather dress shoes, and the ones left in their sizes from the sale were colors I would never think of buying. The saleswoman came out with one pair in Child Number One’s size and when she opened the box I nearly choked. Silver boys shoes. Who puts these glittery shoes in the boys section, I do not know. But Child Number One’s face lit up like a christmas tree when he saw them. He kept telling me how he loved them and they were so sparkly like some other girl he knows. Gee, of course. Some other girl.

He put them on and danced around the store ecstatically, and I just didn’t have the heart to say no. His face was glowing. At least something was going to match those shoes. I brought them home and my husband said the expected “wows” and “they are amazing” and whispered to me, “Did you just buy my kid space shoes???“I told him that I would prefer to allow the kids to express themselves now, and wear the glitter well before the other boys will know to make fun of them.

Child Number Two seemed to know how to squish his foot around and pigeon walk and squat like he just had no idea how to stand. He made every pair of shoes look ridiculous and his feet were dripping over the sides. It was a nightmare. Finally, the lady had an idea. These people will try to sell you anything and make it sound sane, but nonetheless, I listened. He needed shoes.

She asked me what I thought about high tops. It seemed like he needed some support. That was after she asked me if he has sensitivity issues and told me about some sort of help they have for kids like that. Pleasure to hear it from a stranger. Anyhow, after a bit of a fight in my head because of the summer heat over here and boot-like shoes, I finally agreed. She brought me out a pair of very soft leather, black suede high top shoes. I found them to be quite babyish, but I let him try them anyways.

He loved them and started walking like a normal child. It was a little less penguin and little less pigeon. He was gleaming. I figured he would complain to me about the fact that he did not have glitter as soon as we got home, so I asked what other color choices there were. She brought out some other funky color which they should outlaw for boys attire, but then she took out a copper snakeskin leather pair. He tried them on and started yelling how they were so uncomfortable and he can’t wear them and they hurt him terribly that he can’t walk…. The drama king went on. They were the same shoes as before but in different color.

I decided I didn’t want the black suede in the summer and I hate what they look like scuffed. I was giving in enough, so it was going to be the copper glitter shoes. He is so proud of them but was deeply saddened when we came home. He asked where the other pair was because he thought he got both. Now I’ve got two boys with bling. They look like they have stepped in some glittery, glitzy puddle.

Their faces sparkle in their new shoes, so hopefully that will take the bystanders eyes off of the shimmery footwear.

That is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.

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  1. k at least u made me lauf today…
    i was havin trouble findin things to make me lauf.

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