Not im-Pressed

So, I am starting to believe that the Freshly Pressed posts are really, truly random. Not only random, but not even read prior to propping them up on that pedestal. I occasionally look for a good read or for new favorite blogs. That is what it used to be. But recently, I have been reading thee-most-annoying and pathetically lame blogs. I often just close down my wordpress for some time to clear my brain.

Yes, there are still a handful that are decent if you keep searching earlier posts, but I am not imPressed. I know I may not be the best writer, perhaps, however, I consider my writing legible and easily dismissible if you are not in the mood for my taste. I actually read a blog that was so short and such a waste of my five minutes, I felt like commenting about how I would appreciate being given back my lost last few moments. A woman just wrote about how it was snowing outside and her kid was missing school again for the umpteenth time and it was a snowy winter. That in a longer dragged out post. Now it is fine for a Facebook status message and it was really harmless, but for interesting, chosen blogs, I am not sure what they were thinking.

Granted, sometimes I write a lot. But my lengthy garbage that I may spew forth on an occasion, that runs on and on endlessly, still can not compete. There have been posts that I just can’t seem to make it through. My fingers ache from scrolling and my brain hurts from trying to wrap it around the meaning of the post and the writer’s intentions.

On another note, I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy for seven years. Holy crap- Did I seriously spend SEVEN years watching that show? Crazy how addictive these things get. I don’t even really like the show anymore. Haven’t for a few years. (Gosh, this sounds worse by the moment. A “few years” was just involved in that last statement) One year I had sworn off ever watching the show again but I got desperate and started again. Thursday night’s episode had me hiding under the covers several times from nausea. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? They made a musical episode out of a thrilling, seat grabbing, toe curling, and fingernails-in-palms, hand clenching episode.

Now it could have put you into the latter kind of thriller mode, but it was just disturbingly humorous. I wanted to cry from the painful songs and often terrible voices. Shockingly, one character had a nice voice, but it still did not make up for the show. Every time something got serious and someone was possibly dying or not coming out of surgery, the doctors broke out into a song. I was waiting for them to start Glee dancing.

I am pained and permanently wounded from that past episode. My ears keep puking at the memories. They had all the actors in a DRAMA, singing, whether tone-deaf or not. The show was originally supposed to be called “Complications” and perhaps it should have remained so. This show has been having nothing but those for the past few years. Shonda Rhimes, I am not sure what you were thinking, but maybe you should think about sitting back and letting this one go.

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  1. OK, sometimes I read FP and think the same thing! Not always though – a funny thing is that FOUR of my blogging friends (defined as other bloggers I interact with) made FP with in a 1 weeks span. FOUR!! Each of them were well deserved, and are fun blogs to read. But I’ve seen alot of crapola too. I know I will never ever make the cut, my posts are too long and filled with curse words. They seem to favor clean, short posts, and that is fine with me. I’m not changing for FP.

    • NEVER change for them. Although long, your posts have me peeing my pants. Agreed, so long that I need to set aside free time for them when the babes is asleep. But I love sitting back with my food and hot drinks and picking up my feet and reading thru ur posts. It makes sure I set aside Me-time. Thank you for that. When I have time to read FP I can’t find the ones I like. I only find the good bloggers thru your blog. TY.

  2. Love your blog, it made me giggle to myself. My daughter got me hooked on Greys Anatomy- I was going thru some tough times and she said the background was so gloomy and their troubles so woeful it would make my life happy and fresh! Cheers Sue.

  3. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! After that Grey’s episode aired I complained about it to a few friends who were just shocked at my reaction. They loved it! LOVED IT? The entire time I was just annoyed. Something wonderful or dramatic would be happening on screen and I’d be all wrapped up in it. Then they’d start singing and my husband and I would just look at each other and laugh. Weeks later, I’m still angry about that show. But now I’m so happy to hear someone else was annoyed too. Thank you! 🙂

    • Lol. I wish I was just annoyed. I wanted to strangle the TV. I laughed in the beginning because I thought it was a joke- but then, it was NOT funny anymore. The episodes just have not been great in general… quite upsetting.

  4. I completely agree about being Freshly Pressed. It is pretty random. Some of them are not even worth reading. I rarely even read any of them come to think of it. Once in awhile one will catch my eye. There are a few here and there that are deserving, but I really do think it all comes down to timing and luck. The posts I had that were FP were very short and sweet and in my opinion, not the best ones. I’ve written longer and much more moving posts before that never got any attention or comments. Must say something about the short-attention span we all have in this day and age.

    • It’s so funny you say that. I was wondering about the tiny little posts that people are crazy over… Could really be the short attention span. Assuming I find the time, I love reading the humorous posts even if they are very long.

  5. Another good one! I believe that Freshly Pressed is random and subjective (depends on what the editors find interesting or amusing). There are so many great blogs that will never get picked.

    • I know. A lot of times I can see why they were chosen, but sometimes I really just wonder… There are too many out there to get honorable mentions. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Great post! Through FP I’m glad to have found Lisa who led me to Chris, etc. I do like to start out my day (I start early around 5:00 for a couple of hours of quiet time before the daily routine sets in) with an assuredly short post then move to the longer ones. That one short post which appears daily, keeps things in perspective for me and challenges me to think about little things I may not notice.
    Really “like” your site, not just this post! 🙂

  7. Thank you so much. Thanks for stopping by, I love visitors. All I made out from your post was that you get up at 5:00 in the morning, YOU WHAT? Wow… Now I see how everyone has time to post, read other blogs, and reply to their comments…. You have enlightened me.

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