Slathered in Castor Oil

I am pretty sure I am not alone in the zits and blemishes department and so I find it to be my personal duty to reveal the newest secret. I would like to say that it is thanks to my knowledge and expertise in the natural phase that has swept the world, but it is not. I read this article on the oil cleansing method and I would like to vouch for its success.

I know, it sounds scary to what has become of me. I am slowly going green and sometimes it sounds like I am a natural nut-job. I am probably responsible for creating the images my brain is now picturing as those people. Now I am becoming one of those people. If I had money, I would have gone organic and hormone-free a long, long time ago. However, to my knowledge, we have not yet won any lotteries and we must still buy the standard pesticide infested fruits and veggies. We must keep purchasing the injected chickens that you can often mistaken for a very large Thanksgiving bird.

People think that I do this so that I can extend my years on this earth. Though a definite possible plus, longevity is not my purpose. Even the healthiest and die-hard organic shopper can get knocked off the road by a vehicle, or drop dead from a heart attack, and even get sick with some dreadful disease. It is sad, but there is only so much we can do to increase our chances of life.

All I really care for is to eliminate the extra unnecessary chemicals from my daily life. Why should I rub these soaps on my face till they burn every pore and cause skin erosion. Something isn’t right if I leave the shower looking like I was pelted with tomatoes so hard that my face swelled. I would like for my children to be able to eat those few unhealthy things with their friends without me freaking out about it. At least the in-house things I can control.

I wont lie and say that my hair, which is more than two months Poo-free, is gorgeous and manageable. It is not easy to ditch the shampoo and lose the soft, flowing hair, even if it is only a few hours for me. My hair is much stiffer and dry and doesn’t always look that nice. It is missing that fruity or flowery aroma and smells like Hair. Not something all that sensual or attractive. Nevertheless, I feel healthier and still clean. Not too much harm done. Perhaps it will get better, and perhaps it will not. Either way, I subtracted a lot of absorbed toxins from my life.

The face, however, was beginning to be a nuisance. It appeared to have large, gaping, muddy potholes. Once you have dirt in the ditches, the zits are soon visiting. I had tried on many occasions to squeeze the pebbles free and even though it seemed to have released them, these large growths would appear shortly after. It is a vicious cycle following that. It is pop the pimple and make them bleed. Then you think you are in the clear and they are back again but this time leaving scars. I could not keep up. I was introduced to this method and last night, I finally gave the article a read.

I am one of the perfect candidates for advertisements. You can sell me in a second. I watch a commercial about this multipurpose food blender and I think it’s the coolest thing and need to buy it. I don’t, but I am tempted to pick up the phone when they start. You should see me at the edge of my seat when they get to, “If you call within the next two minutes, you will get the bag organizer with an additional insert and two mini ones and a free bag as well. For ONLY $19.99.” All I am thinking is “Oh my G-d that is cheap.” Forget the fact that it is crap and I don’t need it because I never use handbags; it’s an amazing deal.

Well, I read the article which has been sitting in my list of open Mozilla tabs for approximately one month’s time. It was interesting and sounded like it was worth a try. I sent the darling hubs out for a trip with the little man to get me the oils that I needed. He got me some castor oil, the friendly laxative/ vomit inducer, and could not find sunflower oil. (I know ADDing from the topic but I watched a cat puke today. So gross.) It did not matter because I used olive oil in its place. I followed the instructions and cleaned up the oil. Of course, I got it on my pajamas. I have this attraction to oil stains.

I looked in the mirror expecting nothing. No sanitation department can even clean up that mess. To my shock, though, I was clear of blackheads. Call me crazy but the hubs said my face had this shine to it. Not a pregnant made-up-concept glow. A real non-oily, clear complexion shine. I did it once but plan on doing it again. I don’t know how long it lasts and I don’t know if it somewhat masks the mess beneath my skin and doesn’t clean it at all. I do know it looks good.

The castor oil seemed to have induced the hills and ditches to vomit up the dirt. (Gross.) It really does work somehow.

So go for it people. You would be surprised what some oil can do for greasy, sun damaged, and tight, dried complexions.

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