You Hear What You Wanna Hear

Last week, all everyone was posting about was The Royal Wedding. This week, we have moved on to bigger and better things; Osama Bin Laden. I really just don’t want to talk about that because I find the topic a bore. What amazes me though, is how easy it is to tell people what they want to hear.

Perhaps I have been exposed to too many movies, T.V shows, and conspiracy theories, but I find it hard to believe everything we are told as a country. Call me a non-believer. There are far too many inconsistencies in the media and government, and I don’t believe that people should accept everything as truth. However, I guess it is easier to live that way then to deny all of what we know of. Clear evidence will never be found to disprove what they say. They make sure of it.

Now who is they? That is always the question. That would be the Bilderberg Group. I would post the documentary on them but there are so many that you will have to search for them by yourselves. They are an elite secret society, who are running this world as we know it outside of the democratic framework. They hold classified meetings and are always kept out of the news. What are they discussing and deciding of our fate? Mysterious. That is something we don’t know and may never know.

There are always reasons behind who is chosen to lead the country. No one is just allowed to be president and sometimes the candidates are chosen from years before and set up for power. When their plan fails and the wrong person is our president, they find ways to dispose of them.

There is no secret that there is a serious problem of overpopulation and there are many who are working to create a change. I know many people dismiss conspiracy of New World Order and theories of all types, as preposterous. However, after watching many conspiracy theory documentaries, I realized that the fact they can even come up with them should pose as a question to even the biggest believers. This is not like aliens and UFO’s. This has concrete evidence.

There was a women who worked for the US government and I can’t seem to find the documentary. She was making the vaccinations and was sworn to secrecy. She ceased to work for them when she found out that due to an overabundance of humankind, they were adding a sterility drug into a percentage of the avian and swine flu vaccines. The disease was spread intentionally to create the need for the drug.

I was once shown a theory on September 11th and how the government knew about what was to occur and that they were behind some of it. If you are wondering how such conspiracy theories came about, read this to start. There were discrepancies in the media and inconsistencies all over. I am not saying Osama Bin Laden was innocent. He was a terrorist and behind far too many acts of terrorism to even attempt to list. It just isn’t clear why it took so many years for America to find him and kill him. They are more than capable and have more than enough intelligence agencies.

In December of 2001 there was proof in the media that they had found and killed him. There were stories of his illnesses and renal failure. Supposedly he was on dialysis and running and hiding in the mountains. That should strike as odd with the lack of electricity. Was he sick or was he fine. You can go back and see all sorts of newspaper articles stating differently over the past few years.

Now they found him, how convenient. Right before Obama wants to be re-elected. He has nothing else going for him and now he killed the world’s most wanted terrorist. The possibly sick, villainous, demented murderer. Brownie points for Barack Hussein Obama. The people are told what they want to hear. You can attempt to feel safe again, the leader is dead. Sadly, you should never feel safe. Terrorism in the form of radical Islam has taken over the world. Each country, one at a time, is having their government overthrown and there are wars, bloodshed, and daily explosions. They wanted to create terror and they have surely succeeded.

America begs for proof so that they can celebrate with the evidence. Oh wait, there is none. A few pictures are spread around, possibly false but makes many happy. Are we forgetting to ask why his body was just quickly disposed of in the sea. What were they trying to hide. Are we sure it was not a look-alike? They all have duplicates of themselves made.

This blogger posted it in words that I wish I could have written myself. There is contrariety everywhere. Even if you are inclined to believe what our leaders say, you should at least have questions.

I know I do. I find it hard to believe that anyone ever really landed on the moon. Call me crazy, but before you do, watch some documentaries and then tell me otherwise.

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  1. so interesting…. (the moon landing that is)

    • Hmm… was that an insult? I know it was interesting and I felt like I should share- show some ppl that there are many ways to look at things. It’s pretty amazing.

  2. Loved it! We think a like 🙂

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