The Rooftop Shouting of Mom Excellence

Ever feel like you want to stand upon the rooftop and shout as loud as your voice can go? Whether it be about the fact that you love someone dearly and you want the whole world to know, or about how incredibly awesome you are and how you deserve to be heard, or any reason at all, many of us have been there. Well, even though I have felt the latter, sadly, the times have been numbered and can be counted on my own two hands. I spend more time being hard on myself , unreasonable judgmental, and highly unforgiving.

Well, today has been the Rooftop Shouting Day. I have to try to remember, that every day, I am a perfect mom. The fact that I do the best that I can and even occasionally struggle and scream, this is all in the job description of being a mom. There is no mom in the world that is always having that day of perfection. The ones who have angels of children who never misbehave and never raise their voice. The ones that have the ideal nutritional dinner always neatly arranged. The ones whose children score on top of their classes and attend all extracurricular activities on time. The ones who are always exquisitely dressed at all times of day. Those people, do NOT exist. Don’t ever fool yourself.

Even if they did, I would never want to be them.

But all the impeccable moms aside, today I must give myself a round of applause and an award for my achievements.

I know I should get one every day, but today was worth an honorable mention. Sometimes even the most secure moms need a pat on the back. Today is my day. I have accomplished more than I have in many of my days put together. I worked like an Energizer Bunny. I had to turn on my computer’s Kaspersky scan to deter myself from wasting valuable time. It took 5:00:52 to scan through 420419 objects. No threats were detected, but I was able to take care of all of the chores I have been procrastinating over the weeks. (months, who am I kidding?)

I registered my oldest son into a school for the coming year. I got home and removed all the linen and washed, dried, and folded them. I put fresh sets on all of the beds and switched the curtains to match. I washed and dried dishes and put them away in the cabinets. I unpacked the suitcase that we had used over the weekend and put everything away. I washed several loads of laundry. I changed all the towels and washed and folded the old. I dyed a few articles that have been patiently waiting to lose their jaded appearance. I put the little guy to sleep and made him a sandwich, segmented and uncrusted in a bag, ready for when he would awaken. I made Spanish rice  and breaded the chicken breasts for dinner. I made a coffee and sandwich for the hubs when he ran in for a minute from his work. I picked up some things from the store and cleaned the toilets. I picked up Child Number 2 and made the kids lunch. I organized some of my magazine clippings into a folder. I made a pitcher of juices and fried the chicken cutlets. By four in the evening, dinner was on the table and served. 

I did everything with a child or children at home. I gave them things to play with and found ways to occupy them (no movies) and finally got to take care of long overdue chores. I was exceptional. And now, finally, after a whole day of doing for everyone, I am doing something for myself.

Congratulations on a job well done! You have outdone yourself and transcended above and beyond an average mom. This award is well deserved.

Next time you do this though, try to make some time to eat. Don’t underestimate its’ importance. Kudos!

~The Mom Management

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  1. can’t say the same for myself, ever.

  2. you should always pat yourself on the back even if you did only one thing good the whole day(like getting out of bed)bc if you dont youll end up like me

  3. ya yesterday was my day! woke up, cleaned, did laundry, fed baby, made supper, took baby to park, came home- served supper, bathed kid- and put him to sleep. than i cleaned my floors…!! (and went shopping online) but today…. it looks like it never happened!! but nice job!

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