The Most Difficult Part of Vacation…

Is Coming Home.

It is truly the most arduous endeavor after a tranquilizing weekend of sheer bliss.

I feel like a mom should never say things such as this, but I did not miss my children at all. I guess I deserve to be blacklisted. Either way, I was quite satisfied not hearing the midnight cries and did not long for the tugs and belly jumping in mornings when I need my sleep most. I can see missing them long-term perhaps, however, this vacation was nice without it all. When I got home, at least two of the kids were excited to see me. We count our blessings.

Their beautiful little faces had me enthralled for the first half hour. Then all hell broke loose. After all the relaxation and silence, everything suddenly seemed so loud and unbearable. I finally felt rejuvenated and thought I could take motherhood with a fresh start. However, it was not the latter, instead it was a real, true beginning. I was fumbling like a childless woman thrown into a life of kids and I was missing my coping skills. All of the strategies I formed over the years, and all of the tactics that I had finally gotten down-pat, were gone.

Okay, I admit. I yelled A LOT. But they were still off to bed by 6:30 and resting their tiny heads in a deep and peaceful slumber. I survived the afternoon after my return just a few hours ago from Thee.Most.Perfect.Weekend.Ever.

I never seem to be able to find time for my husband or my marriage. Between juggling mom, wife, housekeeper, and cook, it is easy to forget the parts of our lives that need the most care. The foundation of our future that gets thrown to the sidelines. I know it is not done purposely, however, I never taught myself how to set aside ‘couple time‘. This is the first vacation we ever took since the kids were born. It was long overdue.

I must bring my marriage a lot higher on the priority list. The kids should definitely get the most of my attention, but I must never forget the one person whom I hope to be with far past the time the children are out of my home and onto their own lives. It’s a plant I must continuously care for and nourish so that it can prosper and thrive and eventually, I will be able to bask in the beauty of its blossoms.

Coming back to reality is definitely the most difficult part of vacation. Although toilsome, it was worth every moment of paradise to learn the most valuable lesson. All of G-d’s blessings and nature and all of his true wonders are right here in front of me. I must love and cherish them when we are all here together. And most of all, I have been inspired to create an intermission regularly to remind me again and again of all that I have been given.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still eagerly awaiting the next sabbatical. I am longing for the peace and I crave the rushing ocean waves and the luscious soft sand… Oh, it will be missed.

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