DIY Jewelry Hanger

   So, it’s no secret that we are more than just low in the dinero . We are, pretty much, broke. I am not sure if that is a correct statement because a person probably has to have money at some point in his/her life to go bankrupt in the first place. Being that we never had the green stuff, I should just leave it as unprosperous and strapped for cash.

   I can complain all day, but I do consider myself lucky to own my house and have a decent and modest home. The problems arise when I need want stuff, and who doesn’t want stuff? So over the past few years, I have learned to be quite resourceful. I have sewn my own curtains, and painted and covered my kitchen chairs. I have framed my photos, and turned flat sheets into quilt covers. The only thing I can’t seem to be creative about is a tactic to resolve the serious need for a car. No sewing, or building, or painting will help over there.

I have a lot of costume and real jewelry that gets chucked into a drawer leaving me with a tumbleweed of chains and stones. My collections wont last more than a few months in that state, so I needed to come up with some sort of solution. Generally, if I was near the cheaper stores, I would have bought a jewelry organizer from $10.00- $20.00. Being that I am not, and really don’t even have the extra bills, I knew I had to make something myself.

   So I looked for any sort-of-bendable piece of metal in my house and found the trusty old hanger. It was not easy and my hands were aching but I was able to make a few twists and turns and it looked like this:

   I know, quite the mangled mess. It was less for looks and more for practicality.

   I spray-painted it black, to make it seem more decent, and hung it by a ribbon to my large bedroom mirror. It was so difficult to get a decent shot of it because I was seeing myself and everything behind me and it made the Jewelry Hanger hard to capture.

   So I stuck an old table cloth behind it and took another shot.

   It wasn’t gorgeous in the end, but it was exactly what I needed. I have made room for pony holders and I have noticed that I was missing some necklaces and earrings that, now, I must search for.

   I am sure I could have made a standing one like in this image, however, I used what I had IN the house. When I need more space, I will work something a little better. Any ideas??

   I can probably try Styrofoam for a base and some metal rods…

   Now I have to work on building a car. Ideas for that would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. very creative i must say

  2. soo cute!!!!!! love it!!!

  3. I love the simplicity of this idea! What a perfect jewelery “hanger.”

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