DIY Window Curtain

   I know I am on a DIY streak, but that is all I have time for nowadays. Several days ago, I wrote a post but never had the chance to type it. I can’t blog anything that takes intense thought processes because the kids have been taking me on a whirlwind of a crazy ride. I have Child Number Three jumping on me now, as I type,  shouting some sort of gibberish and occasionally hitting the keys. A woman has got to be able to think to write something comprehensible. We aren’t just naturals, you know, of course.

   And so, the only thing I was able to do (I am so thankful for this discovery) was find something for those little beady eyes to get glued to. Anything that sounds like a machine or moves by itself, will mesmerize those little guys. Boys will be boys. So I whipped out my Wal-Mart sewing machine and tried to find something to stitch up. I had a flat sheet from Wal-Mart, of course, which was about 3 dollars and change and I wanted to make a quick curtain for the guest room. It took so short and came out so nice, I had to share.


A flat sheet of any color or pattern
An extendable curtain rod from a home store.
An old table-cloth. (optional)

   On the top of the flat sheet that I had, was a nice switch in the pattern. So I decided to make an easier curtain than that which I have made previously. They conveniently sew down a tab on top of the flat sheet for a better appearance. I just slit both of the sides with scissors, (I know, how professional) and slipped the curtain rod through. I hung the rod above the window with the whole flat sheet gathered on the rod and hanging down to the floor.

   I had wanted a short curtain, so I cut the sheet down to where it looked right and took it down to sew the, now raw, edges. It took about 3 minutes to run down the hem with the machine. I have to be clear, though, that I don’t really know how to sew, I learn on the job. So don’t be scared off if you are not a professional seamstress, it was a basic small stitch across the material. Easy.

   When I hung it up, I noticed that it was a bit too transparent and needed a fix. I pulled out this old, stained table-cloth that needed to be chucked ages ago. I don’t throw out material of any sort, you never know what you can sew out of it. It was perfect for the job. I did a sloppy cut being that it wouldn’t be seen and because I HATE measuring. I sewed it onto the back with a straight small stitch again, sewing the sides and top but not the bottom. Liner complete.

   I ironed it and put it back up. It needed some sort of closure, so I took some extra material that I had from the set of linen in that room. I had turned two flat sheets, from two different sets, into a quilt cover. I sewed two thin strips together and left one end open to turn it inside out. I then sewed the open end down from the outside and ironed it. I pulled the curtain to the side of the window and fastened it with a bow that now matched the linen in the guest room.

   Next project is to put up the moldings that are sitting and waiting to cover the top and bottom of the yellow stripe on the middle of the wall. They have been sitting about a year, I think it is time.

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  1. I know i never comment on your blog hun, but WOW it’s amazingly gorgeous!

  2. u mentioned u need a job… i would love some curtains and i dont have a machine (and i feel incapable…) so here tadda! u hava job!!

  3. Yay!!! Comments!! Thank you. Jobs mean that you get paid…

  4. Looks great! And goes well with the paint colors you used in the room, too.

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