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A Nile Nugget

  I know that this is, perhaps, random, but that is what I love about my blog. My brain always  spins over a large spectrum of ideas and in many motions. And today, I feel the need to post a recipe. I mixed and matched a few recipes to whip up a dinner, last night, for my clan. Of course, mostly in vain, being that my crew likes basic grilled cheese sandwiches and bland macaroni. It is not as bad as it sounds, at least I get left with a large assortment of leftovers.

  I had some Nile Perch fish, and I don’t quite like the banal and unimpressive recipes which throw in some mayo and spices before baking the fish until it flakes. I feel the need to alter my routine of quick and easy meals. Silly me, I thought it would go by uneventful. Of course, I screamed like a banshee more than several times. Child Number 3 is a tiny step away from killing the kitten. I will refrain from saying more, lest the pet police come banging down my door from my public rant about possible animal abuse. Read the rest of this entry

The 21st Century Drug

  My neurons have been sending electrical impulses via synapses for all these years and suddenly now, have begun to short-circuit from stress. It was officially twenty-seven years, this past weekend, and it turned out really nice. It was the best birthday that I have ever had, thanks to the hubs. But still, despite the amazing celebration, the stress keeps piling up, higher and higher, threatening to topple me and I am far too young for that.

  I searched desperately for the cure to my dilemma, and of course avoided entirely, the root of the problem. We are in the 21st century, I want an instant relief. I want it here, and I want it now. Valium is expensive and I would need a prescription for which I would have to whine about my ailments to a doctor, hoping he will agree of its necessity. And so I had to go for the common drug which is by far cheaper and easier to come by; Read the rest of this entry

Meet Pebbles, Train, Lemon Pie or Whatever…

   I must be going mad. It is surely possible with these three little male critters running loose in my home. They barely reach the average adult’s waist height and still, they manage to snap almost all my nerves.  So, I feel somewhat justified for possibly losing it. I took all three to the dentist, today, where they thrashed, and screamed, and bit on the dentist’s fingers. They absolutely refused to get an x-ray. What was I thinking anyhow? I took a cab to the office (mistake #1) and regretted it the second I entered.

   They were already terrified and climbing on my legs and grabbing at my clothes. They spilled over someone’s cup of water, thereby creating a river across the tiles. I tried desperately to fill out the forms Read the rest of this entry

Cayenne You Do It Or Not?

I stared at the tiny little bottle and thought to myself, how bad could it be?

All it says, in the brilliant world of Google, is that I should put a 1/4 teaspoon into a cup of hot water.

Sounds weird to do that for a burning ulcer, but it’s online. If it’s online, it must be true.

So what it’s cayenne pepper, it’s only 1/4 of a teaspoon. Practically nothing at all. No biggie.

I followed the instructions and stirred up my brew. I looked at it and took a quick swig, trying not to think, but still holding my nose. I am sure most of you have never tried this, but trust me, closing your nostrils will not mask out that taste in the slightest bit. I only got half of a gulp down, to my disappointment, and I still had the whole rest of the cup to go. I filled up a large pitcher of room temperature water and prepared myself to lick the concoction clean.

The cup suddenly looks so big and so full, seemingly impossible.

Come on, don’t be a wuss, just drink it down and get it over with.

Oh my ulcer will cry, I’m so sorry, ulcer, I am so truly sorry…. Read the rest of this entry

Banana Aloe

  I got this new habit of snapping pictures. Every blog that I see with exquisite, professional shots makes me drool. My camera won’t do the job that theirs does, but the sights here are so beautiful, that I’m pretty sure nature does all the work for me.

  There are these plants on the side of our pathway, which I assume are Aloe Vera, however they sprouted these flowers that resembled bananas. They were so ripe, I was tempted to pick one and take a bite. Read the rest of this entry

The Fountain of Youth

   It all started last night when Child Number Three forced me to become a housewife. I never strive to becoming the model housekeeper, for there is far too much upkeep involved. I don’t want the house to always be glistening in the sunlight. I have gotten used to the floating dust storms that occur every time something is moved or even looked at. I would much rather sit back and watch a few shows and make a couple of crafts. Where is the fun in working my butt off to follow all the homemaking gurus in all their advice books in their attempt to turn Mess Queens into Domestic Goddesses. Where are all the guides to Becoming A Happy Mom with Loads of ME Time? Why must we burden ourselves to prove to our friends how perfect we are?

Because we aren’t.

   Sometimes my house is clean, and sometimes it is hard to tell if it there is even a floor. Read the rest of this entry

I HATE Nightmares

You know, I have forgotten how much I hated nightmares. It has been a really long time since my dreams have gone sour and now, that sabbatical has been more than shattered. I tend to wake up remembering 1-2 dreams and usually, they are standard, decent ones. Sometimes they are ‘yummy and delicious’ and I try not to wake up and snuggle into my pillow. At those times, I silently curse the child who made me leave my blissful and perfect world. You know how it is.

Last night, I had the honor of being the most incompetent character in a really bad dream. I refuse to say it over because even thinking about it, makes me shudder. I trembled for a good half hour afterwards as my eyes glanced around the room, as if on speed. Experiencing those intense feelings of panic and terror all the while being completely and utterly helpless, far exceeded ‘agonizing and tortuous’. It was my own personal, chilling, heart-racing horror movie. Read the rest of this entry