Banana Aloe

  I got this new habit of snapping pictures. Every blog that I see with exquisite, professional shots makes me drool. My camera won’t do the job that theirs does, but the sights here are so beautiful, that I’m pretty sure nature does all the work for me.

  There are these plants on the side of our pathway, which I assume are Aloe Vera, however they sprouted these flowers that resembled bananas. They were so ripe, I was tempted to pick one and take a bite.

  The other day, my son ran to me yelling that he had found a bird. I was quite frightened upon hearing that, due to the fact that he had just left our veggie basket. Why would there be a feathered, vertebrate animal beside the potatoes and onions? When it comes to kids, although sometimes shocking, almost anything is possible.

  This is coming from Child Number Two, who, as a little baby, took a cup and turned it over like a hat on his head. His imagination soars beyond my comprehension years later. He was not too far off when I saw this sweet potato that, really did, resemble a bird. I had to draw on it to help my underdeveloped creativity.

  He cried a lot when the poor bird’s head fell off. I just discreetly disposed of the rest of it, because I didn’t have the heart to cook it after all those tears shed.

  All along my house there are these weeds that keep popping up in areas where it would seem impossible. I guess that is what weeds do. They have been sprouting in dead earth and out from the stone walls. A bunch of weeds among the thorns. Although I never believed I would like them, and although most people consider them a nuisance, they have been bringing beauty to my home and I am grateful for most of them.

  I didn’t have my camera when these trees were just blossoming and freshly perfect, so now many of the flowers are dying, but still beautiful.

  The lemons are growing nicely…

  Other pretty ones…

Part of our beautiful world, captured…

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  1. I love your pictures. And your bird is too cute. I wouldn’t have been able to eat him either. Keep taking photographs! I love blogs with photographs, too!

    • Thanks. I try to keep away from writing sometimes to spare my viewers from poor posts that are written just to keep the blog going… And I love photos… I need some drawings like yours though- those are way cooler.

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