Daily Archives: June 21, 2011

Meet Pebbles, Train, Lemon Pie or Whatever…

   I must be going mad. It is surely possible with these three little male critters running loose in my home. They barely reach the average adult’s waist height and still, they manage to snap almost all my nerves.  So, I feel somewhat justified for possibly losing it. I took all three to the dentist, today, where they thrashed, and screamed, and bit on the dentist’s fingers. They absolutely refused to get an x-ray. What was I thinking anyhow? I took a cab to the office (mistake #1) and regretted it the second I entered.

   They were already terrified and climbing on my legs and grabbing at my clothes. They spilled over someone’s cup of water, thereby creating a river across the tiles. I tried desperately to fill out the forms Read the rest of this entry