The 21st Century Drug

  My neurons have been sending electrical impulses via synapses for all these years and suddenly now, have begun to short-circuit from stress. It was officially twenty-seven years, this past weekend, and it turned out really nice. It was the best birthday that I have ever had, thanks to the hubs. But still, despite the amazing celebration, the stress keeps piling up, higher and higher, threatening to topple me and I am far too young for that.

  I searched desperately for the cure to my dilemma, and of course avoided entirely, the root of the problem. We are in the 21st century, I want an instant relief. I want it here, and I want it now. Valium is expensive and I would need a prescription for which I would have to whine about my ailments to a doctor, hoping he will agree of its necessity. And so I had to go for the common drug which is by far cheaper and easier to come by; Coffee.

  I have never taken a liking to the brewed drink, which has been around since way back in the 15th century. Nowadays, the world does not just believe in its abilities, they also worship it daily. I realized I must be missing out on something, and so I did a little research. It has been extensively studied, and it is now believed that the caffeine, found within those roasted coffee beans, is highly beneficial.

Coffee beans are found inside Coffee cherries, as pictured below: (a piece of information that I did not know)

Picture by: Stanislaw Szydlo

  With all the future benefits and present pros outweighing the cons, I decided to give it a shot. It would help with the consequences of everyday stress and ultimately, possibly ward off the evils of dementia, liver and heart disease, Parkinson’s, and type 2 diabetes. What can be better than that? I will even be awake to see the outcome of this spectacular drug.

  For all those expert coffee inhalers out there, this may come as a shock to you. I don’t really like the taste and would need to hold my nose to gulp down the first few cups. For me, a newbie to the beverage, the effects are more severe and it actually ‘works’. It is similar to those who pop Advil and other over-the-counter meds. After some years of daily poppage, (my word) you need several more pills to do the job of what one did, before overuse.

  What I have learned over my at-home clinical trial, is a morning cup will decrease even late night fatigue. I will have trouble falling asleep and get some daytime jitters. I will feel refreshed and calm and be able to accomplish my daily duties as a housewife. I will be far less irritable and more lenient with the children, snapping at them less frequently. My digestive system will improve considerably; Farewell constipation.

  I can foresee only good from this warm cup of drugs.

  Welcome to my life, dear caffeinated friend. I hope to spend many more mornings with you. It is you, who gets me through those seemingly endless, rough days and cold winter mornings. It is you, who with a few chips of ice, is transformed into a summer morning delight. For these scorching days, I could not have chosen better.

My 27th year has kicked off to a glorious start.
With my tall glass of fireworks at my side.… 


…we are off to new beginnings.

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  1. i wish it would work for me,im still trying to enjoy it and its 49 years already maybe i shud try milkshakes

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 27? ahhhh…….how nice!

  3. Happy birthday to you. I’m glad you’re enjoying (enduring?) your coffee. Personally, I love the smell of coffee, but I just can’t drink the stuff. It’s vile.

    If you’re wondering where I came from, it was Richardo’s Freshly Pressed featured blog post that led me to you. As you expressed your disappointment at people not commenting when visiting your blog, I thought I’d make the effort!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    And a little coffee tip from me to you…lots of creamer! 🙂

  5. I can only drink it with cream or milk. My husband chugs his black. I can’t get through the morning without at least 2 cups. I never touched the stuff until college when I had to stay up to study for finals and I was hooked forevermore.

  6. 27! Happy Belated Birthday! My daughters are 25 and 30! Welcome into the club of Loyal and Faithful Coffee Drinkers drinkers. I refrained from using Hopeless…because who wants to join that?
    PS My birthday was days before this post. 🙂

    • Thanks. Happy belated B-day to you as well. And I am pretty sure no one wants to join anything that has the word ‘hopeless’ in it. If it happens, what can you do…. But lets not plan it.

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