Daily Archives: June 28, 2011

A Nile Nugget

  I know that this is, perhaps, random, but that is what I love about my blog. My brain always  spins over a large spectrum of ideas and in many motions. And today, I feel the need to post a recipe. I mixed and matched a few recipes to whip up a dinner, last night, for my clan. Of course, mostly in vain, being that my crew likes basic grilled cheese sandwiches and bland macaroni. It is not as bad as it sounds, at least I get left with a large assortment of leftovers.

  I had some Nile Perch fish, and I don’t quite like the banal and unimpressive recipes which throw in some mayo and spices before baking the fish until it flakes. I feel the need to alter my routine of quick and easy meals. Silly me, I thought it would go by uneventful. Of course, I screamed like a banshee more than several times. Child Number 3 is a tiny step away from killing the kitten. I will refrain from saying more, lest the pet police come banging down my door from my public rant about possible animal abuse. Read the rest of this entry