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Oh, No, I, Have, OCCD!

Supposedly, the worst thing a writer can do is overuse commas. I think that the right thing to do now,  is to remove the title suffix “W” from my name. Sadly, I can no longer be referred to as a writer.

After reviewing some of my previous posts, I have come to the conclusion that my teachers were correct. Way back in grade school grammar classes, I was labeled as the Comma Crazy student. And only now, after years of denial, I finally admit that it is true. It’s a big step to say that a teacher is right. We all know they, like our parents, are always wrong. However, I’m afraid in this case they were right and have described me perfectly. Only this once, of course. Read the rest of this entry

Book Doctor

This morning, I may have discovered a profession. I always dwell on the things I can’t do, and it gets pretty depressing. I see, finally, that it’s what you can do that matters and not what you can’t.

It took some time, but I doctored a stack of children’s books until they were perfect. (That is the furthest I will ever get in the medical field) For those of you who aren’t aware, children can do a lot of damage to even the smallest things. I am pretty sure it is beyond the comprehension of most adults, why they feel the need to destroy, but you take what you get.

Most people stare at my small library of books in sheer wonder. I know, why would anyone in their right mind have books, if they were destined to become a pile of ruins? Read the rest of this entry

Summer Fun(k)

It is my understanding that many bloggers have been struck by a summer stagnation. The heat rolled in, the waves are crashing on the shores, and the homes are flooded with kids, crafts, and puddles; who wants to use any of the sparse brain power for developing a post?

Well, being that I have been overcome by the slump as well, I had to try really hard to find the time for this post. Summer is not to blame, because I am, pretty much, always in this situation; no matter what the season. When I decided to bring 3 boys into this world, I knew it would set me back many steps in all different aspects. It’s a decision that I am very satisfied with, however, it is still a chore to find time for my blog. For my sanity, I created the time with the help of my hubs. Read the rest of this entry

Overbloggers Anonymous (OBA)

  I think this problem has been quite prevalent over the web, and I felt that there was a need for it to be addressed. It is time for someone to set up a program for all these people to get through their recovery of overblogging.

  It all began when WordPress decided to have this Post a Day 2011, to get bloggers to all join in the challenge of daily habitual posts. Can people post every day? For sure, they definitely can. Should they? No, probably not. Generally speaking, unless you are professional writer and you are slowly putting out a complete masterpiece over the course of the week, maybe you shouldn’t post every day. Of course everyone can do as they please, although, I find it hard to make it through most of their blogs. Read the rest of this entry

Romantic Rubdown

Slow & quiet music, dim lighting, lingerie, and body oils…

What better mood exists for a woman?
One with a man.

  Today was the day that I finally made it to a massage therapist. My shoulders have become so tense, the muscles have knotted into little marbles. Too many cramps and aches forced me to make the appointment. Although I am usually quite hesitant about these kind of visits, finding them to be especially awkward, life has changed me. After three babies and probably a hundred gynecologist meets, I have somewhat mastered the arts of out-of-body experience. I shut my eyes and make believe that I am on a beach in the Bahamas. Read the rest of this entry