Summer Fun(k)

It is my understanding that many bloggers have been struck by a summer stagnation. The heat rolled in, the waves are crashing on the shores, and the homes are flooded with kids, crafts, and puddles; who wants to use any of the sparse brain power for developing a post?

Well, being that I have been overcome by the slump as well, I had to try really hard to find the time for this post. Summer is not to blame, because I am, pretty much, always in this situation; no matter what the season. When I decided to bring 3 boys into this world, I knew it would set me back many steps in all different aspects. It’s a decision that I am very satisfied with, however, it is still a chore to find time for my blog. For my sanity, I created the time with the help of my hubs.

I am very grateful for the long summer days, where my boys sit for hours-on-end absorbing knowledge from the box. I know they say that children have excessive amounts of energy and need continuous and challenging outlets; but my children seem to have been defying that theory. Additionally, doctors have been telling parents to limit T.V time, for as long as I can remember. I agree completely, and over the school year there are only a handful of times that they get to watch. However, I realized that the only way I would survive these camp-less months, was this, and it seems to be working. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

They watch strictly educational shows and have been expanding their vocabulary. Problem is, they have lots of catchy songs that my brain has been singing repeatedly against my will. Aside from that downside, the only other issue is that they look drugged. Their eyes are bloodshot, teary, and glazed, after a whole day of staring at a screen (honestly, looking a bit cross-eyed, as well).

This is how I was able to find time to cook and try to fix my computer which was crashing daily. I sat for hours deleting files off the computer to empty it of its load. I filled 200 gig with G-d knows what, and it would barely turn on anymore. I bought this Flip Ultra HD camera, some time ago, (big mistake) and each clip was so large, I needed to move them out. The only way I can imagine transferring two years worth of Flip videos, would be to back a tractor-trailer up to the USB port and store it elsewhere. Not only was the size tremendous, they also found the need to make them into MP4 format which must be converted to be watched on any other player. It has been a week and I am only two months into converting my way through them. It takes an hour per clip, and there are many. Stay away from those cameras. Not worth all the hype.

Then I made up some amazing dishes and I will post the pictures. I’m not that great with displays, nor do I have the dishes or camera. You will get the point. When I get a few more free moments, I will post the recipes. Until then, happy summer!

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  1. Guilty as charged, Re: being a lazy summer blogger! For some (insane0 reason i feel the need to fill our lives with daytrips and fill it all up before we are back to 16 degree weather and stuck in the house. Thus, i am too tired and mindless to write. But, you are right, a little extra TV time would be good for them!

    Your dishes look fab. I think you are pretty dang good w/ displays.

    • Don’t let other bloggers discourage you- chill away. Thanks about my displays- I try so hard to make it look decent and not like it tumbled out of my messy kitchen with old and overused dishes. And my camera…. My next investment.

  2. The food photos look delicious!

    I let the kids watch TV during the summer too. They tend to like a good movie here and there (and it’s so dang hot today, we’re staying in with the A/C for a bit anyway). The summer is so short, I try to just go with the flow of things. They’ll both be back in school soon enough.

    I hear you on the Flip cameras! My husband bought me one earlier this year and, I kid you not, the next day it was on the news that Flip was going out of business. I suppose we’re always one step behind the tech trends. I used it once to record my daughter dancing, then decided to return it to Target for a refund and I’m glad I did.

  3. I’m certainly stagnating now, looking at those food photos. It’s 7:30 in the morning, and now all I can think about is dinner. Even worse, as I try to come up with an idea for today’s blog post, the only thought popping into my head is Salmon Teriyaki. Thanks.

    • 🙂 Every time I pass them by, I forget what I am doing and wonder why I am not making supper again to please my taste buds. Thanks for stopping by. I read your blog, by the way, and I don’t know how you write every day- you are good. I gotta get back on over there.

  4. you’ve got me pegged. I tried to write a blog the other day. It said, “kids bad. mommy tired.” Only I spelled 3 of the 4 words incorrectly! haha! Glad you’re still at it though. In the summer, I actually don’t mind if my kids have a little extra t.v. time as long as it’s not consistent and it’s quality t.v. Also, I give my son ‘school work’ to do so he doesn’t forget the basics. Only a month to go till he’s back at it! Thank Goodness!!!

    • It has been some time since I saw you around. Welcome back. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me, I need to go do some school work with the big guy, so he doesn’t forget everything.

  5. imcoming for supper

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