Book Doctor

This morning, I may have discovered a profession. I always dwell on the things I can’t do, and it gets pretty depressing. I see, finally, that it’s what you can do that matters and not what you can’t.

It took some time, but I doctored a stack of children’s books until they were perfect. (That is the furthest I will ever get in the medical field) For those of you who aren’t aware, children can do a lot of damage to even the smallest things. I am pretty sure it is beyond the comprehension of most adults, why they feel the need to destroy, but you take what you get.

Most people stare at my small library of books in sheer wonder. I know, why would anyone in their right mind have books, if they were destined to become a pile of ruins? From their current condition, it appears that we occasionally launder them. It may have happened once, or twice. (if we are being honest)

  The kids love to read, but some are fast turners and some, well, some are just paper shredders. Be it toilet paper, or tissues, or just a plain old piece of reading material; its final resting place is usually the trash. I don’t know what paper ever did to anyone in my family, but I assume it was serious.

I taped tears, unfolded curled corners, and reattached covers and unraveled bindings. It looked like a random quilt patchwork on some, but on others, it was perfect to the human eye (from a safe distance, of course).

I can’t promise that the pages are all in order, but each of the books can now be considered one entity. Consolidating 15 pieces to one, is always a success. I may have a future after all, even if it’s a book mender.

Shay Delamater, MBR

(Masters in Book Refurbishing)

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  1. Shay, sign me up as your first customer. I have several books here on life support, for the exact reasons you mentioned! LOL

  2. Haha…this made me laugh! Sadly though, with the invention of the e-books, being a book doctor won’t be as lucrative as you’d hoped. Stick with blogging! 😉

  3. I like this post!! I must say, I have some background experience in book doctoring myself! And having books is awesome, the more the better. I usually buy mine pre-damaged at library sales or garage sales so my kids don’t feel pressure to do all the damage on their own!

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