Monthly Archives: August 2011

The Clash

That same question has been spiraling around my head making me dizzy. I sat for days researching areas in the United States and I was overwhelmed with information that I did not want to hear. The economy is bad, the prices are insane, the pollution is terrible, the government is twisted… Read the rest of this entry

What’s on your mind?

You all know that I hate posts that resemble a shared Facebook status. Even though I do, I must do it anyways so that my faithful readers will be patient and return after all the chaos has subsided somewhat.

What’s on your mind?
Crazy town over here.

Nice blogger gave me a shout out.
Can’t train my kid.
Trained my kid.
Non-speaking child knows letters.
I just settled and now I have to move and start again. 

Okay, I will give a bit more details. Read the rest of this entry