What’s on your mind?

You all know that I hate posts that resemble a shared Facebook status. Even though I do, I must do it anyways so that my faithful readers will be patient and return after all the chaos has subsided somewhat.

What’s on your mind?
Crazy town over here.

Nice blogger gave me a shout out.
Can’t train my kid.
Trained my kid.
Non-speaking child knows letters.
I just settled and now I have to move and start again. 

Okay, I will give a bit more details.

It has been a crazy week over here and surprisingly, with the help of my babysitter screen, I have found a few moments to post to my blogging friends. Firstly, I must thank Lisa at Notes from Africa for giving me a shout-out on her blog. Her blog is beautiful and I really wish I had some CSS knowledge. As of now, I am still quite baffled when it comes to <html codes> that I occasionally have to add to my posts. And so, we will stick to the basics and admire the talented.

Child Number Two is 3.5 now, and I have been trying relentlessly to get him toilet trained. He absolutely refused. He tried it once for about a week and said he just was not interested and told me “some other day”. It isn’t easy when the kid is old enough to have a mind of his own, you have to do it when they can’t speak. People have tried to comfort me by saying, “When was the last time you saw a teenager in a diaper, don’t worry he will be trained.” I know this child, without being forced, he would be ten years old and ridiculed before he would even think about it.

Finally, I had enough. I woke up one morning and took off his diaper telling him that was it. I told him that he was big enough and I could not change him anymore, it was getting embarrassing. He thrashed and shouted and kicked and sobbed. A tantrum would probably be a compliment. He told me he did not want to be a big boy and now, what was he supposed to do without a diaper? Without many options he soon figured it out and turned to the toilet. Astonishingly, that method actually worked. I did not have to help and he was big enough to go by himself. He was running back and forth to the bathroom as if he has been doing it forever. Success of the week.

Then, to show everyone the amazing skills of my Screen Sitter, here is a tale:

I laid Child Number Three down to change his diaper. While I was changing him I heard him making these odd sounds and could not, for the life of me, figure out what he was saying. It was something like this, “Ffff, Ahh, Mmmm, Ih, Lllll, Vvvvvvv.” Now let me be clear, this kid does NOT speak. He knows how to get his food and drink with some sort of Baah sound, and he says “Yes” and “Meow”, for ‘no’ (the cat left a lasting impression). Very verbal, I know. Well, after a few repeated sounds I turned around to look at the wall he was facing. Beneath my picture frames is a plaque that says “FAMILY” in bold, black letters. My 1.5 year-old son was sounding out the letters and only confused the ‘y’ with a ‘v’. Thank you, Screen Sitter, for your marvelous work.

Aside from all that, we are planning a HUGE move. We are not sure to where, but we are finally leaving our home of 7 years. Time to say farewell to the bureaucratic, slightly communist, Middle Eastern country and hello to civilization as we know it. It may not be for another 6 months, but it’s going to happen. I have very mixed feelings about it, however, I guess it would be nice to return to the English language and some materialism. 

While we are choosing a place to go, I figured that I should pick a place without winter (not a fan). As of now, we boiled it down to Houston, Texas and Boca Raton, Florida. Anywhere but the Tri-State area, those places are on speed and I can never keep up. Texas has terrible pollution and Florida, well Florida is Florida. Vacation all year round and a lot more expensive. 

Back to research for me…. The best place awaits me…

Thanks for stopping by and please be patient for my return from all this tumult.

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  1. sounds like everything is going good! Can’t wait to read blogs about moving…b/c moving is the WORST! And I imagine yours will be quite interesting! 🙂

  2. If you’re looking for someplace in the U.S. with relatively mild climate, you might want to check out Georgia (either the Savannah area if you like the beach, or the Atlanta suburban area, which could still leave you with nearby lake access). We have nine months of mild to hot weather, and three months where it can get cold. But we rarely get snow, and even on most cold days, the sun is hot enough to make the afternoons tolerable. My wife and I moved here from the north in order to escape the harsh winters there.

    • Thanks a lot. I did not think of that place, gonna do some more research. How is the pollution over there? I hope to escape harsh winters. I like snow but hate shivering.

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