Monthly Archives: September 2011

“Gaslighting” Suffocation

Ever have that feeling that you are suffocated from feeling emotions? Or that you are constantly suppressing your true reactions to life’s situations? It seems that you are not alone.

A Message To Women From A Man: You Are Not “Crazy”. I could not have put it any better than this. Read how the term Gaslighting shines some light on this phenomenon which is familiar to many of us. Read the rest of this entry

The Green Scam

For those of my readers who have been around my blog for quite some time, you all know I have some sort of soft spot for Going Green. I don’t buy organic and my house is the furthest from Green, or healthy for that matter. But, I do try. At any chance that I have to bring in more natural products, I do. But the real question is, where do I stop?

My problem is, aside from the expense of it all, I just always wonder how much of our Green and Organic is a scam, and how much is important for our bodies, health, and environment. I am all for all the latter, but how far do I go to aim for natural perfection. Read the rest of this entry

7 Wonders?

My family trekked out in the last week of the summer to finally get some vacation time in. It was an amazing trip and not because the kids behaved, of course they weren’t angels, but because there were spectacular views, a magnificent pool, and most of all because we got out of our house. Aside from when the little eyes were glued to the TV, they were quite the merry bunch. Who can blame them after two long months of dreadful boredom.

The trip took nothing to plan. It was a last-minute phone call to Starwood to see which hotel took the least amount of points per night. For 2,000 points I could technically stay for a couple of weeks, but I may also give my kids away by then. After a long drive we found the hotel and settled ourselves down. I would say we made ourselves at home, but with the amount of towels and linen we went through and had changed for us, that just wouldn’t be true. Live-in cleaning and catering is definitely all it’s cracked up to be. Read the rest of this entry

Hurricane Summer

Wow. I missed a post last week. I have been so good with my blog until the hurricane of summer bedlam flooded me over the head. The kids were actually losing it. Oh wait, that was me. But them as well, they were going out of their minds. For the first time ever, I was scrubbing pen and markers off my walls and furniture. They never reached that level of boredom and they were topping the charts. We surpassed the summer insanity, and extreme chaos was at an all-time high. Read the rest of this entry