Hurricane Summer

Wow. I missed a post last week. I have been so good with my blog until the hurricane of summer bedlam flooded me over the head. The kids were actually losing it. Oh wait, that was me. But them as well, they were going out of their minds. For the first time ever, I was scrubbing pen and markers off my walls and furniture. They never reached that level of boredom and they were topping the charts. We surpassed the summer insanity, and extreme chaos was at an all-time high.

I am pretty sure that if I give these floors one more mop-free day they will actually sprout trees from between the tiles. I think it has been 3 weeks. Sounds scary, I know, but there was no way for me to take care of cleaning with all of them home. Finally, after two months of summer vacation I was no longer short-circuiting, I was officially fried.

Last week, the hubs and I took them all to a hotel for a few days to a humid, scorching, mountain-palm tree paradise. It was a desperate attempt to make up for the lacking of camp and leaving-the-house activities over the past two months. The trip was nice and crazy all at the same time. Next post I will put up some pictures from the journey, but hopefully after this floor is long since cleaned.

Today all three of them started school. Sounds like a relief, but not so much. It is a day of dropping off and picking up kids without a car from three different spectrums of the town. Child Number One was off and happy to be rid himself of me. He will be there until 1:00 so I am free from him. Child Number Two had only until 10:00 and so he has returned and is playing quietly. Child Number Three, who I was most worried about, seemed to happily join his playgroup without any tears. I was going to pick him up before his 12:00 ending, but the teacher just called to tell me to stay home and clean the house. It’s like she smelled it on my clothing.

What do you know… I watched my little birds hatch and nurtured them as they grew their feathers. Finally it was time for the fledglings to leave the nest and I anxiously waited for them to drop and struggle as they lifted their wings. But no, they hopped out and flew off before I could even say goodbye. I guess I did something right this summer. I made them want to leave.

As much as I would love to share my trip tales, the floor is shouting for me. Even all the ants that were infesting my home have gone to find a cleaner house to roam. How did it get this bad….

Thanks for stopping by. I Can’t wait for full days of school to begin. Perhaps bringing along some sanity and structure.

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  1. I could have written this post word for word. My son is back in school this week and I think we are both glad for the routine again. My daughter doesn’t start preK until next week (and will only be going half days) but we are both pretty tired of each other at this point. Summer is good and summer is long and we’re all happy it’s over in a way. 🙂

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