7 Wonders?

My family trekked out in the last week of the summer to finally get some vacation time in. It was an amazing trip and not because the kids behaved, of course they weren’t angels, but because there were spectacular views, a magnificent pool, and most of all because we got out of our house. Aside from when the little eyes were glued to the TV, they were quite the merry bunch. Who can blame them after two long months of dreadful boredom.

The trip took nothing to plan. It was a last-minute phone call to Starwood to see which hotel took the least amount of points per night. For 2,000 points I could technically stay for a couple of weeks, but I may also give my kids away by then. After a long drive we found the hotel and settled ourselves down. I would say we made ourselves at home, but with the amount of towels and linen we went through and had changed for us, that just wouldn’t be true. Live-in cleaning and catering is definitely all it’s cracked up to be.

Being right along the shores of the Dead Sea, I made a trip out alone to take a dive. If any of you have ever been to the salty waters you would understand why it is not a place for children. I walked a few minutes to the spot to indulge myself in my own personal spa treatments. The view was extraordinary and although I have been there before, I seemed to have forgotten most of it. I was going more for the salt dunk than for the photography. Maybe some day I will go out with a little more than my crappy cam to the more exotic parts of the water. There were none of the incredible salt formations and none of the chocolate mud baths. There was only the burning hot, crunchy crystals of sand beneath my sore feet and the slimy saltwater that they call the sea.

It is supposed to have healing powers so I figured what better treatment for pimples and blemishes than this. Of course, for those who see women as flawless beauties sans the hair, imperfections, and needs for bathroom usage; this may come as a shock to you, but I desperately needed to take the plunge.

The Dead Sea is 33.7% saline and is 8.6 times saltier than the ocean. The smell isn’t very pleasant, but it is definitely worthy of being one of the Seven Wonders of the world. You can take part in voting for the New Seven Wonders of Nature by visiting their page. There you can read up more about the Dead Sea and how it is so unique. Add its destination to your bucket list, it is well worth the visit.

In place of the usual sand running across the bottom of the sea there was a blanket of warm, white salt sifting through my toes. The rocky mountains that stretched along the distant coastline of Jordan and the deep blue sky above, was breathtaking. The air, however, was dry and uncomfortably hot. I was at the lowest point on earth.  I slowly walked into the heavy and murky waters. It felt like a thick oil over my legs and as I walked deeper, I began to feel it burning through my pores. This time I did not make the mistake I made as a teenage tourist. I did not shave right before I walked into the salt.

The water is so heavily concentrated with minerals it causes everything to float. Attempting to get my back into the healing salt was not an easy feat. It was probably very amusing to watch. Every time I leaned back to try to cover my shoulders, my feet popped up and tilted over to the side. No matter which way I turned and kneeled, I could not get my upper back in the water. The last thing you want to do is mistakenly tip over and get your face in. The idea sounded brilliant to me at first because I could really use the help in the facial department. Luckily, the hubs went earlier to the waters and with his help I learned that the worst thing a person can do is get that stuff in their eyes.

His eyes looked bloodshot and I can’t even imagine what they felt like. The salt can burn through the eyeball easily. The only way I have a slight idea of what it must have felt like, was because a little, tiny splash hit the inside of my nostril and I felt like tearing my nose off for the next day due to the extreme burning. I felt like it was drilling a new hole. Lesson learned from other’s experiences. I did not stick my face into the water.

After a couple of minutes of the sun beating down on my face and the salt tearing through my body, I ran from the sea. The sand outside by the shore was scorching and my soles felt like they were shredded to the bone. I skitterd across the sand to the showers and quickly yanked on the string to let the powerful warm waters wash away all the salt. I was burning so bad in places that shall not be named, I was at a loss for what to do. I couldn’t really give a rub-down showering in public, but due the pain I was slowly losing it. I rinsed as much as I could until I was able tolerate the dash to the safety and privacy of my hotel bathroom.

I sprinted back, or perhaps to any onlookers what may have appeared as a gallop. My body was on fire and the salt was stinging every pore. Even though it may have cauterised any wounds, I am pretty sure it tore through my skin and formed new holes.

It was a trip to remember and although parts of my body may never forgive me, it was an amazing experience and should be deemed as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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  1. We just went to that hotel!! For 2,000 it’s a steal… We spent the entire day in the pool… took a short trek down to the actual Dead Sea (since we were already there) but the girls wanted to have NOTHING to do with it so back to the pool we went.
    (on a side note, why doesn’t the hotel have a normal entrance to and from the Dead Sea? It was a million mile walk in the hottest sun I have ever felt. I was sure one of us was going to burst into flames if we didn’t get back into the water ASAP)
    SO happy you had a good time 🙂

    • You must have gone the wrong way because the hotels have their private areas of the Dead Sea. It was a 4 minute walk, maybe. And they also have a car that goes back and forth to bring their visitors. I didn’t go to the private Dead Sea pool, I went to the official one. It was so nice… I should go back 🙂

  2. great pics, girl! Sounds like a…fun?…trip. 🙂

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