The New Bite on the Block

I used to watch all of Hollywood’s latest movies and shows in utter amazement with dreams of their “glamour”. Only now, I can finally just sit back and enjoy them without the drools of envy. It was beyond me how everyone was so thin/emaciated and flawlessly air-brushed beautiful. Was I the only one battling zits, stretch marks, and daily shaving rituals? They were all buffed up to perfection, not a blemish in sight. No matter how many detox diets and exercises I did, the size still seemed impossible to acquire. But only now do I realize how unrealistic all of it was.

Recently I have been seeing such a dramatic change in the film industry that even sometimes I stare in shock; Actors and actresses are human??? I have been seen so many zits that have been poorly covered up and more often than not, seen those little, lower pouch bellies awkwardly showing through. I have seen people who are average looking and many that are not even that much. The women suddenly got their curves back even if they were thin, and the anorexic skinny and vain ones were all thrown into the Mean Girls categories of girls obsessed with their weight.

Of course there are still lots of Photoshopped scenes and fake bodies, but at the same time all of the natural additions make up for it all. It is surely a breath of fresh air and I hope that it leads to some changes in how the women of the next generation feel about themselves. The celebrities are, in fact, normal people and we know that with the help of the paparazzi. One positive thing that comes out of those lowly and cruel photographers, is the famous caught on camera in their natural habitat.

Suddenly all those immaculate beauties become perfect humans. The women are seen with their cellulite and bad hair days. Their complexion nightmares and post-natal baby bellies are exposed. They are just like you and me, just with high salary careers and loaded bank accounts. (And of course live-in help, personal trainers, and gorgeous homes… Must I go on?)

Finally a change for the best in all of society’s corruption.

The one thing, however, that I did notice was the teeth. I am back to feeling slightly self-conscious again. Every time that someone smiles you see that identical shining white bite. The upper teeth are a bit larger, rounded, and sparkling bleach white. Now we have changed to perfect teeth. Everyone has the standard mold, each like the next. No longer are there individual smiles.

My teeth have never been bad but still, they have always bothered me. My upper teeth have my childhood thumb-sucking habits molded into my palate, thereby changing my bite from rounded to pointed. I finally got myself to ask my orthodontist how much it would cost to make me look like everyone else and the fee wasn’t too bad. It would be about 1500 dollars to help me join the herd. Only a small price to pay considering the dangers of the old day dreams of  perfect bodies; such as  starvation to be like “them“.

Once I got thinking about it, aside from my age difference from the current 13 year-old braces wearers, I wondered what the long-term side effects would be. I have heard from doctors that it changes the strength of the teeth permanently and that they will never be the same. That got me thinking about the toothless grin and made me reconsider. I am still wondering about the idea….

Any helpful input would be greatly appreciated.

As always, Thanks for reading! 🙂

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  1. I had braces early (at 10) and I didn’t end up wearing my retainers long enough…I’m probably the only one that notices, but my bottom front two teeth are now starting to overlap a tiny bit and drive me absolutely insane.

    I’m telling you this because I am also a tooth nazi and obsess about them too much. If I had the extra loot, I would totally get them fixed, even now at 30. There are so many grown-up options available…clear braces, invisalign, etc. I say go for it. Your teeth aren’t going to fall out, and you’ll be obsessed with smiling. And that’s a win-win.

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