Only the Good Die Young

The world has lost a brilliant entrepreneur and inventor today, and my deepest condolences go out to the wife and children of Apple co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs. Although my post has little to do with him or his death I thought it was applicable nonetheless.

I decided to put my unused IPod  to use over the past few days to hear the glorious tunes of anything that would drown out the constant shrieking in the house. Due to my lack of traveling or jogging outings, it has been sitting idly gathering dust and desert sand. It finally dawned on me that the IPod dock that was sitting on the kitchen counter, would soon become an antique and it was only used a handful of times. After brushing off the caked-on centimeter of settled dust, it sparkled like new, begging for a song.

I have been having trouble with music lately due to the garbage that I hear constantly spewing from the radio. Good music has died a premature death and it has passed on leaving us with mostly rubbish. It will sorely be missed. The definition of music is: sounds that are pleasant, harmonized. How they still consider the junk that is played on the radio as music’, is beyond me.

Occasionally, I hear a good song. Now don’t get me wrong, I mean a survivable one. Where is Kenny Rogers-The Gambler,  Elton John-The Circle of Life, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel-The Piano Man,  Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, and so many more. The songs of the 60’s-80’s actually had words in them and they even had meaning, a rarity in today’s music industry. It is so difficult to find a song like Lee Anne Womack’s, I Hope You Dance. Lessons for life, uplifting words for a bad day.

We have (just to name a few) Bruno Mars, who brought us a song Just the Way You Are, which I think was nice for the females of our generation. It is every girl’s dream to have a man who thinks she is perfect. To be as beautiful as the girl on the music video also doesn’t hurt the situation. The clip showed his unquestionable talent and superb artwork. It was all nice until I heard his other song, Grenade which was quite bullet-to-my-brain frightening. Now, the fact that he is saying he would do anything for a women was just a bit extreme. That is what we call an unhealthy relationship and in a tune, of course.

Lady Gaga gets props for uniqueness but that is all I can give her. Beyoncé came out with a song Run The World (Girls), which had  women shouting and exposing themselves as sexual beings while singing about how they rule the world. I never knew women were so desperate to scream it out loud while stamping in the desert far less than scantily clad. It doesn’t make you anyone special when you use your inborn abilities of sex to gain you advantages and power in the world. Try working yourself up professionally and taking over the men by doing their job better than they ever can. Dropping your clothing and using your sex appeal to gain power doesn’t make you impressive and influential, it makes you insecure. Using your appearance for a source of power will, not only, be lonely and unsatisfying in the long run, but once the looks are gone, or there is someone more beautiful or attractive than you, you will be even less than powerless; you will become non-existent.

Katy Perry is definitely not sore on the eyes and that is always a help. Her voice is beautiful and her vocal abilities are quite impressive. Her songs are fun and catchy, although often with trashy words and ideas, and she brings a lot of diversity into her lyrics.

I won’t deny the unbelievable present talent in even the youngest of singers, but what they are bringing to us is not always music and more often than not, there is just noise. When I want to relax and hear a good song, I NEVER want to hear sexual moaning sounds and men talking about women like they are objects. I don’t want to hear shouting that prevents me from making out the words to the song. I want normal music, why has it gone?

As always, Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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  1. check out Adele. She has a beautiful voice and her songs are clean enough for my kids to listen to (content is a little mature for them but i don’t hide my face in shame if at some point they sing along)

    • I know. Isn’t it mortifying when you are in public and your kid starts singing the worst words of a song you never even knew they heard. I just don’t always want to hear sad and complicated in music. I have enough of that in real life.

  2. Hmmm- a little disappointed in you! I was all excited for you to tear into Katy Perry- she is AWFUL- horrible voice, no talent and her lyrics are disgusting, and trust me my standards are not high! Agree with above person, Adele’s songs are beautiful!

    • LOL. I have a soft spot for pretty girls. I actually listen to a LOT of music and I think she has a really nice voice. Her lyrics are quite disgusting, I do agree, in majority of her songs. I forgot about Adele, she had to grow on me. I wasn’t immediately fond. Her talent however, is clearly phenomenal.

  3. I must be the only person on the planet that doesnt like billy joel! I know, very un-american of me, LOL

    I cringe at Katy perry lyrics….esp. with 2 little girls who love to sing along to the radio. Most of today’s (s)hits get on my nerves and make my ears bleed, but I kinda dig justin timberlake.

    • LOL. Justin Timberlake??????? Ok, fine, I hear that some people don’t like Billy Joel. I like only a selection of the songs of the artists that I wrote. They all have dumb songs and yes the lyrics of Katy Perry horrify me when it comes to my kids singing along. I am sure there are a few pretty good songs out, even now, that I haven’t mentioned, but generally, as you said quite well. The music makes my ears bleed.

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