Verbal Diarrhea

I have recently been accused of Verbal Diarrhea by one of my readers and I found it quite amusing. Being that I did a lot of schooling in medical terminology, the word Diarrhea should probably be a lot easier for me to use because it is, simply put, just a condition. However, since way back as far as I can remember, that word has been one of the most difficult for me to say and even to hear.

When I was a little girl complaining of a stomach ache and silently wishing to cut school, my dad would just blatantly pop the question; “Do you have diarrhea?” Every time, without fail, the burning scarlet embarrassment creeped up my neck and across my cheeks and I ran from the room. He did it so often you would think I grew accustomed to the word. But that day never came.

Dodging my dad over the years got easier because, when are they Not embarrassing? But it didn’t stop there. There were still many doctor’s visits that I tried my hardest to avoid the conversations involving the abdominal area. Abdomen meant intestines and that was one place I did not want to go near. The doctor would go through the routine checkup asking about how everything was working and would finally reach the dreaded question; “Do you have regular bowel movements?” (There you had it, I was hyperventilating) When I told him that I thought they were pretty normal, he would say, “Well, are you constipated or do you have diarrhea?”

That was it. The crimson tinge, which I was desperately trying to repress, wriggled its way past my iron grip nerves and flooded my face. It was so unbearable that I was thinking of lying back and conveniently placing my arms across my chest and slowly dying of mortification. How is it, after hundreds of similar conversations and learning medical terms and conditions that I still can’t say the word? It would be okay if that was the only one. I wish it was.

So back to my present alleged condition of Verbal Diarrhea, I must deny the accusations. Although I often blab incessantly and, at many times, incoherently, this is a misdiagnosis. Verbal Diarrhea is a term to describe complete crap content (pun intended). Generally, it is information that is useless and incorrect, which I feel safe to say you can not go wrong with personal opinions and feelings.

Even if  my blog was  full of impractical and worthless subject matter, that is exactly the beauty of a blog. The ability to express yourself in whichever way you see fit and whenever you wish. The main reason why I made The Files of a Logophile, was to free myself of my daily burden of words. Everybody knows what would happen if you kept the verbal diarrhea running through your head without relieving yourself. You would mentally and physically explode and that would probably leave you in a much more uncomfortable position.

And as far as me getting rid of this childhood immaturity… Well, some old habits just die hard.

So feel free to stop by whenever you wish and comment whenever you can. Thanks for reading!

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