Severe Chemical Withdrawal

And so the saga comes to a shattering halt… Several months ago, as my old-time readers may recall, I decided to go on a No-Poo (a collective term for methods of washing hair with no commercial shampoo: Wikipedia) diet. At first it was to see how long I could actually do it, and then in turned into a healthier alternative to the chemical infested products that my body was most familiar with. I love to be healthy, within the norm, and I figured that perhaps it would even make a positive change towards my thin and oily brown hair.

The first few weeks were a disaster. I was not using natural bought soaps and shampoos, I was totally poo-free. I tried everything in the books, or rather Google, I should say; all to no avail. I read up on fantasy success stories of how baking soda rinses and cucumber lemon pulp turned frizzy, unbearable, mop-headed ogres into flowing, lustrous, healthy-haired princesses. However, in my world it just wasn’t the same. Somehow I, so different then the norm, went from thin hair to no hair in a matter of months.

They all said it could take six weeks to a few months and so I gave it time. I tried all the  home-made hair cleaner recipes and still the hair was sticky, greasy, and absolutely disgusting. After five or six months of ripping brushes through the knotted slimy strands, my hair was clumping out. The feeling that they claimed was ‘natural, beautiful hair’ made me want to tear out the remaining brittle threads. I wanted silky, smooth hair that you wanted to look at and to touch. What I had, was the type that passersby would cross the street to vomit and snap a picture while pretending to be on the phone.

Finally, I had enough. I still believe the idea that the chemicals on our skin get absorbed and should be avoided and so I switched from no-poo to natural poo. I can’t blame the natural products because so much damage happened before that. I don’t know which one is the culprit, but I can show you the facts. I used to have thin hair, but now I am adorned with an elderly smokers head of balding and scattered strands. It was a poo-free catastrophe and so I chopped it all off to get a fresh start.

Right before I grew this hair in, I cut off the previous 12-inch braid. My life is pretty much the same, without any significant changes aside from the No-Poo. I know it is directly related because I watched it occur. My camera is crap and so the pictures are no longer clear, but you get the idea. You can’t feel it here, but the first braid was soft like butter and the second, well the second is a rough rat’s tail. Immediately after I sheared my head I was so mortified of the braid difference, that I undid it and washed it down with the chemical shampoos and conditioners like a deprived kid with discovered candy. I soaked it up with the delicious scented, creamy soaps and let it soak it all in. After all the cleaning I was able to get you a shot.

I know, so embarrassing to even put that picture up there in a world of gorgeous hair. I had to show everyone that No-Poo is not all it’s cracked out to be. It may be healthier on the skin, but for me it definitely was not even remotely healthy for my hair. If you wondered if you should do it, I say don’t. Switch to healthier body cleanser alternatives because it is clearly better for you. But NEVER use baking soda in your hair, and never think that you can go back to the old days of not washing your hair.

While I am dissing the natural department, I am sick of slipping across my grimy floors from the awful natural floor cleaners. 


Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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  1. Ok, I totally thought this was going to be some study on laxatives (or some strange experiment on staying OUT of the bathroom), which, hello, I was all over…So I spent the first 5 minutes not having a clue what was happening (so thanks for the link back to the original post, once I finally got around to clicking it) Here’s hoping you find something that works! Also, how fast does your hair grow?? I’m amazed. You’re doing something right, in that department anyway 😉

    • I was just laughing SO hard 🙂 I sometimes forget that people don’t have my head and don’t always know what I am talking about. I went back to read it and I realized how clueless many people would be. Thanks- I clarified it a bit.

      Also, it does not grow so fast at all. It takes about a year a half to grow it long enough to cut off a braid of 12 inches.

  2. great post!!!!!!!!

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