Major-ly Useless

A very common complaint among students who have completed degrees in English is, “Now that I have wasted all these years studying English, now what? What can I  even do with such a degree?” I always wanted some sort of academic title to follow my name and even though this one does not entail an immediate job offer, it has caught my attention.

Upon graduation, most successful students conclude their college years with a love for literary works, critical and analytical thinking skills, and the ability to write clearly and effectively. Yes, they may not be able to professionally cook, bake, paint a masterpiece, cure an illness, or aid in the latest medical breakthrough; but they sure as hell can produce a solid piece of literature.

I have come across several bloggers that have had a favorable outcome from their schooling and I feel the need to give them a shout-out. They may not yet have found their money-making career, but their posts clearly let us know that their years of hard work and effort have not been in vain. Many of them creatively throw together highfalutin adjectives and state of the art metaphors, magically spinning them into hilarious posts. That, is real artistry.

I find writing to be a beautiful talent, and by enhancing those skills one can compose masterful pieces of art. Good writers are the people who know how to say the right things, at the right times, and in all the right ways. I often find myself with a lack of words at the most appropriate times and an overabundance of words at the least suitable moments. Perhaps it is time for me to start learning from these newly graduated ‘teachers’.

There are many opportunities out there for those with English majors, however, it just takes time to find the career path each person is best in heading towards. It is also a very flexible degree and is found useful in a wide range of fields such as publishing, advertising, politics, screenwriting, editing, and teaching to name a few. And when all else fails, there is an amazing world of blogging out there that everyone should take a shot at. There are humorous, informative, political, satirical, and all forms of blogs that many readers enjoy. You don’t have to just remain the Exceptional Balderdash Player or Scrabble Genius, you can make a difference on a global level. Getting this type of education gains you valuable skills that are useful in almost every occupation.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and the humor that many of these bloggers share brings happiness into dull lives and cures for the lonely. I love myself a good morning read, that awkward chuckle or snort in the most embarrassing settings. I know that there is a lot of English degree mockery out there, but they sure know how to use words and grammar accurately. The layman, such as myself, constantly stab knives into the English expert’s nerves with our amateur writing abilities. Even regular average readers sometimes gasp in horror at our nonsensical metaphors, wrongly placed punctuation, and erroneous word choice.

These people live and breathe writing, perhaps something like me (wishful thinking) writing this in the dark, 3:15 AM, after unintentionally waking from several hours of sleep. It was dark and this was written on a scrap piece of paper. I woke up in wonderment as to what exactly I had written because many of the lines were piled upon the previous ones. Whatever, it was dark. It would explain why this post goes in circles and why my readers are silently praying for me to get any sort of education.

It was a hard week with the hubs out of a job and home all the time. I couldn’t find time to post and so this will have to do. I mostly intended to share with you some of this week’s favorite blogs, so I will get back to that subject. Now I am trying to learn how to add some computer art to my site. These people somehow create numerous Van Goghs with a mousepad.

Reasonably Ludicrous, a new and entertaining favorite, has blogrolled some writers that I had to share. This duo has the most exquisite vocabulary and the most clever metaphors that I usually drool with jealousy (after looking up a word or two). The skillful display of drawings is the juicy cherry on top of every logophile’s dream dessert; word-rich scoops drizzled with superb analogies. The delectable sundae treat.

Allie, in Hyperbole and a Half, really brings grammatical errors to a whole new humorous experience and her pictures just really make me laugh. Rae, in the blog Peas and Cougars, which I honestly have not figured out how they have joined in one title, draws amazing images to display each post. The linked post was Freshly Pressed and well deserved, but check out some others posts as well.

Enjoy them and thanks for reading!

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  1. One of these days I’ll explain that. Thanks for the link!

  2. I’m glad my major has at least helped me to entertain! I too am always awake in the wee hours of the night (seeing as I’m posting this at 6:45 am and haven’t gone to be yet), and Balderdash is one of my favorite games. Nobody stands a chance! 🙂

    Thanks for all the kind words. You don’t know how happy they make me.

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