Have a Grateful Holiday

In the holiday spirit I will attempt at a blogging transformation, even if slight or temporary. Because let’s face it, I am censorious and a world-class whiner. I tend to have more to write about when it’s something negative or when I am crying from inside a blazing pit of stress and tribulations. When things are good, I can’t seem to come up with words. I choke from the optimism. 

Today, I sat down by the computer, which strangely I have not spent much time on over the past week, and decided a new post was due. This time there would be no complaining about anything, not even about the stupid dog who’s obsessed with peeing on my door every morning leaving an everlasting, lingering stench. It is the holiday season and it is a time to set all the chaotic gift buying down to the side and remember what we have to be grateful for.

Most importantly, I am so thankful for a computer. (This does not include iPods and Blackberrys, I don’t approve of those.) I know, probably not the first thing that comes to your mind, but I live and breathe the machine. It has changed my life profoundly. Of course there is the time and brain consumption that it sucks from our lives, but we are not complaining here. Stay positive.

I know of many people who don’t have internet in their homes because of its negative influences and dangerous obsession, but I feel very strongly about having it in the house and setting limits. Perhaps I am from the old generation and can still hold back, either way, I would never go back in time and pull computers from my childhood fixation with chatrooms. I just found better things to do with my time.

Like Facebook. What would I do without the famous social network? Oh, and It’s free and always will be, what can be better. I would actually have to find another way to communicate with friends. Sometimes just seeing the status changes like, “Married” to “In an open relationship” to “It’s complicated” to “Separated” to “Single” is enough to spare me the drama throughout. I got all the information in short man-terms. Sometimes specific and small words are just what I crave. This way I don’t have to get involved and can just whisper the “What were you thinking when you started the open relationship” or the “I told you so’s” to myself. Life is just simpler this way.

Recipe sites, the next best thing to food. No more of the stacks of untouched and unnecessary books that always seemed to get more spills than my kitchen floor along with their many now-attached pages. I don’t have to flip through an endless array of misleading impressive photographs in search for a chicken recipe, only to find that you need more unknown ingredients than there are in the Queen’s kitchen. This way I type in, “Simple chicken recipe with empty pantry ingredients” and wallah, I get what I need.

I can even add a color, smell, or taste preference to skip all the too-healthy, too-sweet, and too-gross recipes. And even after that, I can see what everyone has to say about it. Even the ones I truly love, the people who give a half a star rating because, “I did not have the butter so I put in oil, I did not have garlic so I put in cumin, and I did not have chicken so I put in tofu; but the recipe was disgusting. Don’t make it.”

Then there is Gmail to spare me the large wicker mail-basket cluttering my front room. Who needs paper mail, stamps, and envelopes when you have 7653 MB of FREE storage in your inbox. I can be lazy about deleting the junk, and I can always go back and search for what I once saw. You can write to anyone and send an emoticon hug to comfort those you never would, you can send a smile when you have none to give, or you can send an angry devil face when you just feel like it. Writing emotions is far simpler than experiencing them publicly.

Conversations are familiar because they are similar to couple communication skills. You write, “That was so funny” and they think you were being cynical. They get mad and you don’t know why, and you aren’t quite sure if they are joking or serious. Then you need to search all the way back to the first chat to see where you went wrong. It becomes a wild goose chat-chase. It keeps many people, who would otherwise have nothing in common, in touch and with an easier recovery of past chatter. Solving misunderstandings is just a search away and if you can’t end the chat battle, just become Busy or Invisible.

I can go on and on about the joys of computers and how they make my life facile and complex at the same time, but to save you infinite scrolling I will keep it shorter. I  know, how are a thousand+ words shorter? Very simple. If you would meet me in person, you would need to sit hours-on-end listening your ear off to my incessant rambling. Here you can skim, skip, or just fill in 5 stars and just show your face, easily surviving my thousand words. Pain-free; another advantage to modern technology.

All of this aside, I have made a curfew for computer consumption. Days are spent clearing out clutter or relaxing with my feet up and short glimpses of TV shows. Nights, if there is any computer time at all, it is kept to a bare minimum. This way I am sleeping before 9:00 pm and I can wake up at 6:00 am without severe and causeless bellowing at the kids.

It is one week of getting the kids to school on-time and many hours of reading books and playing with toys spent with the little guys. Most of all, yelling is scarce. The house is calmer, things are getting done, and I have plenty of time to be grateful for my amazing family, awesome husband, and adorable children. Momhood can be pretty enjoyable once you figure out how to juggle life and all of its distractions.

It’s time to remember what the holidays are really about; spending time with our families. Don’t let the mad rushes trample you. You are the greatest gift to your children and significant other, and they are the greatest gifts to you.


Thanks for reading!

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  1. k fine.. uve convinced me to make my computer a limit… i think cus this mornin i made E cry like 5 times cus he got up to early for me.. im such a bad mommy…
    ok ok… no more comp when kid is home- unless were watchin tv together (which is allowed.. its family time lol) goin to pick him up in 10 mnts!!! so i shall bid my farewells.. lol
    thanks though.. really…

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