Tweets for Twits

Every couple of weeks, I try to update my current status from technologically challenged to something that even touches the breath of a goddess of social media. I have to admit, I have more than a long way to go, and I fall embarrassingly short behind the teenager of today. I may know how to keep a blog struggling afloat, but when it comes to the terminology usage of even the youngest of children today, I am floored by their knowledge and baffled by their words.

It brings me back to the days when my pre-digital age grandparents’ faces blanketed with sheer bewilderment, speechless, as they watched from behind as I speedily chatted with friends, tossed the internet slang with strings of abbreviations, and changed the settings on the computer. Us digital natives just had a knack for computers, we grew up together. The unfortunate elders were trying desperately to catch on to each next best thing in computers and technology. No matter what they got tutored in, it fell at the heels of the new knowledge that was already fully ingrained in the fetuses.

A short time after they were finally figuring out MS-DOS, Microsoft Word, and Excel, the youngsters were updating their Facebook pages and Twitter. The new generation was affixed to the endless incoming streams of internet. No more of the dial-up waits, they were tweeting their bathroom trips and swiping iPod screens to spot their friends. At some point, even I got lost.

I was a guest at a wedding reception the other night, and all the people at my table were sliding their fingers across their iPhones and showing off pictures and snapping new ones while talking to their babysitters at home. Tweets were sent; “OMG, bride looks GORGEOUS!”, “I looooove the way Zoe’s gown looks, she’s really hot. Facebook pictures were shared and tagged with; “Me and my bestie❤“, “My four-inch heels“, “Bartenders pants. LMAO! Was totally not drunk, I don’t know how I spilled the whole bottle on him.” (So creepy… What possesses people to speak like this?) And I just sat there with my pathetic, little, flip-up phone with loose buttons and far too many scratches. I had lost touch of the fast-moving world as it climbed the technology ladder.

So I sat down today to begin my training in the micro-blogging world of Twitter. I have heard of it, but honestly know nothing about it.

Pause. Gasp. Get over it.

I need Tweets for Dummies, or just Google. I did a little search, and although they claim that it is surprisingly easy, I felt like a 10-month-old crawler watching the adults scurry around freely and effortlessly. To me it was a bunch of @ symbols, one-liners, and shorthand codes; everything furthest from simple, it was overwhelming. I’m afraid that I will have to save it for another time when I have an endless amount of free time. I know it’s the in-thing, and everyone seems to be thriving on publicizing their every move and emotion, but it’s far beyond my limited comprehension.

For now, I made a Facebook page for my blog and added it as a widget. For me that is an advancement. The new improvements on my blog are not due to my sheer brilliance, I must give credit where it is due. Timethief, over at One Cool Site, has many posts on cool ways to better your blog. She helped me add a translation tab to my menu and now you can read my posts in many different languages.

As for me and my inadequacy in our new world of social networking and blogging, I am a work in progress. As of now, I will keep being impressed with the few html code changes that I have learned to do, and I will keep trying to figure out what a tweet is. Perhaps while I am searching, I will attempt to understand why people feel the need to say what they are doing, and where, at every point of their lives. Why would anyone want others to be able to track them as they walk down the block from the salon and take a pit-stop to use the bathroom by the gas station. Privacy, a thing of the past. Now I really sound like a grandmother…

While on the note of the difficult task of learning Twitter, I chanced upon The Daily Buzz which had a wonderful post on 25 clever ideas to make life easier. Give it a read, it has very useful tips.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great post.

    I’ll never forget the early days of dial-up when my Mum used to call me (long distance) to say, “Turn on your computer and connect to the internet. I’m about to send you an email.” No matter how many times I tried to explain that I didn’t have to be connected for the email to work — that it would be there when I logged on later — she was determined to believe that it would get list in the ether if the magical mail couldn’t dock with my computer.

    Then she’d call me again (long distance) ten minutes later to make sure her email arrived.

    I used to joke that her phone bill would be lower if she just called and read the email out to me.

    I found it funny that she just couldn’t seem to grasp the “simple” concept of dial-up internet. But somewhere along the way, I’ve turned into my mother. I have yet to embrace Twitter (Tweet to your tweeps on twitter you… twit?) and already people are talking about it like it’s exited forever, and the new craze is Google+. What? I’m not sure I’ve even got Facebook set up right yet!

    • Hey, thanks for commenting 🙂 It is incredible how we turn into our parents so fast. I am so happy to be without dial-up though. I would never be able to post. I used to get signed off all the time in middle of things. I wish I could figure out Twitter some day, though. Even if I don’t use it, I need to keep updating my brain before I get so lost, there is no coming back.

  2. I’m with you…no Facebook or Twitter for me! Don’t live in a world of soundbites nor the need to expose myself, that much, to the whole world! Keep bein’ who you are… :O)

  3. You’ll catch on with Twitter! It’s not that complicated, at all… Really!
    All the best…

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