I have come to a resolution…

Quoting Frank Ra (author of the new year’s resolution book “A course in happiness“): “Resolutions are more sustainable when shared, both in terms of with whom you share the benefits of your resolution, and with whom you share the path of maintaining your resolution. Peer-support makes a difference in success rate with new year’s resolutions”.

These are the days when everybody piles up the numbers of unattainable goals on their long New Year’s Resolution list. I decided to look back at my last year’s resolution to see if I had accomplished my goal, and see if I wanted to set myself up for failure once again. Problem is, however, this blog did not exist a year ago and other than blogging, I have no other diary of my life and all of its deficiencies, aspirations, and achievements.

I started this blog on January 4, 2011 and it is almost a year of blogging. I have to admit, I am happy that this blog was not part of my New Year’s resolutions because it probably would not have survived all those weeks of writer’s block and family madness. I don’t want to make any serious goals this year because it leaves me with too many regrets. I already have three little boys and a husband to take care of and I still can’t seem to do that too well. Anything else will take away from the needs at hand and steal my focus.

Technically, I can just take upon myself anything small like to do the laundry before it reaches Everest height, make dinner more than once a week, bathe my children more often, or wash the dishes before they spread to the counter… but eh, why the extra burden. All I wanted to do today was get out of bed on time, get the kids off to school before playtime was over, and I couldn’t even do that. I even got so involved with my post that I forgot my apple pie which now resembles a charred Pyrex. Imagine trying for a year of daily blogging and regretting every missed day. No way.

Contrary to what seems to be the overwhelming majority at WordPress, I have a life. I don’t have a job or even do very much, but I can’t put out a readable post every day of the year. I may be capable of gibberish, tone-deaf songs perhaps, or 4 liner rhymes, but I will never hold up a following with such painful content. I have seen many interesting Project 365 ideas for those who get out enough (obviously unlike me) and want to commit their year to such a difficult task and have an endless amount of free-time to create images, write, or share photographs.

I should aim for the year of photography, it sounds easy enough. I would set aside one day for insane picture snappage and fill up a Picasa folder with randomness. Every day I have any extra time I will post a picture and explanation and pre-publish it so it looks like I have no life other than WordPress. I just don’t know if anyone would come visit with such platitudinous content: ☂ Umbrella, ❤  Heart, ★ Star, ☼ Squished Sun.  Yeah, probably not the best idea…

 January 1, 2012: Post#1

Little Man Blowing Horn 🙂

So for all of you who posted once a day for the last year and feel like you succeeded, congratulations. Out of all my blog reads I have not found any 365’ers that I could keep up with and enjoy the content. I may be able to enjoy some photography blogs with 365 days of funny images caught on camera and a quirky phrase. So for all of you aiming for that, I wish you all the luck in the world, and I hope that I can find you from among all other blogs to be entertained. As for all of you who plan on putting up a shot of yourself in all different places over the next year, I hope I don’t find you unless it is something hysterical. I am all for funny. (And not: This is me on the stairs, This is me on the table, This is me in front of traffic…)

As for me… Well, I wish I can share with you some hopes and dreams for the next year, but I am not ready to make any commitment like that. I can only try, no promises, and I will. I will attempt to improve my health and reduce my stress. I bought a yoga mat, and for me that is a huge start. I hope to make an art room for myself and try some new ideas in painting and crafts. For that I have begun as well, the room is almost fully prepped, now I just need to sit in it. And lastly, I will try to set aside money for a camera so that I can no longer excuse my lousy shots.

Just please, don’t be surprised (because I know I won’t be) if in a year from now I write the following:

So, sadly, another year has passed with a new list of regrets:

  • The yoga mat is still wrapped in its original plastic and my stress levels have reached a permanent all-time high.
  • The art room is packed to capacity with everything an artist can dream of, but I have still not found a moment to try it out.
  • That money that I set aside for the camera, well, I used it again… And not for a camera.

Maybe 2013 will be a  better year of achievements for me. Maybe I should just reuse this list and try again. Maybe I should just keep it simple and stick to what I know I can do, a year with weekly blogging. And in that case, 2013 will probably be the last year I post, so let’s quit with the New Year’s resolutions…

So I will cut to the chase. I have come to a resolution. There will be no resolutions this year.

★·.·´¯`·.·★May 2012 bring us happiness, health, wealth, and many awesome things.★·.·´¯`·.·★

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