Clouded With Thoughts on Speed

New Year’s Resolutions attempts have begun. I opened the yoga mat!

That’s as much as I did
That’s as far as I went
The mat is now opened
100 percent!

It was one small step for my hands,  one giant leap for me.

I am quite restless today and my brain is wired. When I have days like this, I either accomplish a lot, talk a lot, rhyme a lot more, or achieve nothing at all. So today I will present some pictures of the stormy clouds and silently cry over all the good shots I am seeing from my window at the moment and missing. It’s cold, I can’t get up to take any more pictures. Lazy and fidgety at the same time, how does that even work? (sigh)

A Stormy Takeover


Same Clouds

Clouds that look like a mountain range

Strangely dark and stormy clouds (setting got messed on camera)

I think I zoomed too much that it went digital, clouds (and black &white)

I know, I said I wouldn’t do it, but I did. What do you know, two days in and already I am going back on my resolutions to not have resolutions-post captions for obvious pictures, decision. I couldn’t resist. When my brain has ideas, there is no changing them. Stubborn as a mule, that mind of mine.

If I think today’s barreling thought rate is bad, last night’s was an unbearable insomniac brain on speed. There was so much activity going on I could barely hold on. Everyone was in a deep slumber and I did not want that to change. The room was pitch-black, and being that it needed to remain so, I grabbed blindly for a notebook and pen and began my scribble.

Six pages later and two posts, I finally laid my head down on the pillow. I knew that most of the lines would be overlapping the next, it wouldn’t be legible in the morning, and I would probably wake up to see part of the paragraphs inked into my quilt; but I was okay with that. All the ramblings were threatening to explode from my head and just getting it out was a relief.

You can imagine my disbelief when I saw that it was exceptionally neater than anything I ever composed in the light of the day. I had captured my every escaping and straying thought, locking them between the wide ruled lines of the pages. Now I need to stop storing my posts in a notebook and get them up on the screen. A whole different challenge.

The year has been off to a great start and my art room is set up to perfection. I finally sat down to draw an old man’s hand (don’t ask) and to my utter and complete horror, a scrawled child’s drawing stared back at me. One that is even embarrassing for a 5-year-old. So I quickly Sharpie’d it until I couldn’t make out its original shape and decided that maybe I shouldn’t draw just yet. I will wait a day or two until I remove the child from my brain and resolve to draw like a grownup.

Thanks for reading!!! Feel free to comment! (pleading)

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  1. I love to take pics of clouds. Those pictures you took are amazing.
    I also wrote in my notebook in the middle of the night! But when I woke up, I couldn’t make most of it out…haha!

  2. good clouds for references i will save them for when i get my act together to start painting ,haha and that old mans hand? how about finishing mine in the fat man painting?

    • Oh, you can’t imagine the hand. The thumb was bigger than the middle finger and the pinky was as long as the middle finger… Disproportional. is probably a compliment for what took place on my paper.

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