Time Flies

Remember the times when days took days, hours took hours, and minutes took minutes? Well it seems that as the years went by, all of what we were used to suddenly changed significantly. Generally, time flies when you are having fun, when you are too busy, or when you are aging and every precious minute seems like it is not enough. Those were always reasons that I was aware of until we got a new added contribution to the list; technology. Our modern, fast-paced society has changed our lives dramatically and there is no going back.

I had planned a week packed with hopeful accomplishments and before I got anything done, it was Thursday. I am not even sure how it happened. I did not spend a lot of time on the computer and I did not do any intense house cleanups. So what did I do? How did I not manage to step foot into my art room that I so elegantly arranged? It is beyond me…

I am not old, I am not busy, and I don’t live and breathe through an iPod and Blackberry; so what happened to my week? I have a notebook with several posts that I have been meaning to put out and I did not even manage that. I have several moments now to post, that of course will be gone before I finish, and I am trying desperately to muffle the irritating music that is being repetitively played, as if on a loop, by my dear son.

I am happy that I did not make any resolutions this year and that that fad is long since over. It has been two weeks and I am pretty sure that I have gone backwards. Time has taken off with an explosive bang and has shot up so far, I can no longer catch it. Every time the week starts, I gently prepare myself that before I will even be able to think, it will be the end of the week. Nevertheless, it shocks me every time.

I went on the computer to check something up and my little calendar popped up warning me that it was Thursday. I had to find it out that way, it was terrible. I hadn’t even cleaned the house and I wasn’t ready for a whole new week of failed plans. I always need every week to begin with a clean house and high hopes for success. But every time Sunday rolls around, and by the time I finish planning, it is suddenly Thursday again. I just can’t get it right, I can’t seem to beat the dashing days.

I don’t have too many expectations, but I need to get something done this week before it’s Thursday again. I am running out of time, it’s as if  there are less moments in our day. But being that time has no physical existence and can not actually speed up or slow down, it must be the way that we are spending our time, our life occurrences, and our ever-growing technology that are affecting the way that we perceive it.

Additionally, when we are born our brains are like sponges. From infancy and onward our minds are constantly developing. Everyday moments, life experiences, loving encounters, all create neurological connections that are essential nourishment to the maturing brain. Each memory is stored and remembered because it is ingrained so deep. This is why the these years are so critical.

As we age, we have far less and fewer gaps to be filled with new lasting memories. And the older we get, everyday occurrences become harder to retain because of this. We can always think back to the days of what was, but to find the keys we just put down would be a difficult task to accomplish. Time is passing by so fast because we are losing space for new memories. Our brains are almost fully developed and running out of room for what is. Finally, the brain ripens to its complete maturity and it then solidifies, preserving all that was.

When we are young, the days are packed with adventure and learning experiences that we use to build ourselves into what we will be. Every minute is new and fresh and never repetitive. Each week we face totally new occurrences with no expectations to be met. There are no responsibilities and no deadlines. The days, hours, and moments don’t matter; they just happen.

Children feel like they will never be big like their siblings or parents, and that the holidays will never come around. Adults feel like they are always getting older and don’t want to, and that the holidays are always flying by. Kids are always anticipating something bigger and better that seems to be infinitely distant. But adults know that the bulk of their lives have passed and how their time alive is so limited. They worry that there is never enough time to fix all of their mistakes and regrets, or fit enough accomplishments into their disappearing lives.

What used to be days of work for the food that was eaten, for the laundry to be washed, for the mail to be sent, for the mail to be received, for the visit a town away, for the once-in-a-lifetime journey across the world; now is all a blink away. In a world of instancy and speed, it is hard to feel time cruising by. We are left with time that will only continue to fly far beyond our reach and comprehension, and accomplishing anything will seem like a futile dream.

Hold on tight and just try to enjoy the ride. Before you know it, it will be Thursday. Or worse, the end of time.

Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for all those who take the time to comment 🙂

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  1. funny i was thinking the same thing, by me , once its wednesday the week is over i cant seem to get anything done the days are flying

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