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Have a Grateful Holiday

In the holiday spirit I will attempt at a blogging transformation, even if slight or temporary. Because let’s face it, I am censorious and a world-class whiner. I tend to have more to write about when it’s something negative or when I am crying from inside a blazing pit of stress and tribulations. When things are good, I can’t seem to come up with words. I choke from the optimism. 

Today, I sat down by the computer, which strangely I have not spent much time on over the past week, and decided a new post was due. This time there would be no complaining about anything, not even about the stupid dog who’s obsessed with peeing on my door every morning leaving an everlasting, lingering stench. It is the holiday season and it is a time to set all the chaotic gift buying down to the side and remember what we have to be grateful for. Read the rest of this entry


Once upon a time there was a woman who lived on the still island of Never-Neverland.

(For those of you who are wondering why there is a grown woman in a fictional world of eternal childhood, or perhaps why this creepy woman likes little boys; let me clarify. Scottish writer, J.M. Barrie, created this imaginary, magical island for Peter Pan in the early 1900’s, and it has become a children’s favorite and the perfect name to illustrate this woman’s life.)

Stop disturbing me, I am in the middle of a story….

She attempted at a blog for a few months and finally she came to realize why it was not taking off. It wasn’t because she was not giving it enough time, it was because it’s contents were soporific, vapid, and sadly ordinary. There were 67,165,777 WordPress sites in the world, and that’s not even counting the other free hosting services. When there are that many blogs, each one has to have something unprecedented and exceptional to grab more viewers as they swing by. Read the rest of this entry

Major-ly Useless

A very common complaint among students who have completed degrees in English is, “Now that I have wasted all these years studying English, now what? What can I  even do with such a degree?” I always wanted some sort of academic title to follow my name and even though this one does not entail an immediate job offer, it has caught my attention.

Upon graduation, most successful students conclude their college years with a love for literary works, critical and analytical thinking skills, and the ability to write clearly and effectively. Yes, they may not be able to professionally cook, bake, paint a masterpiece, cure an illness, or aid in the latest medical breakthrough; but they sure as hell can produce a solid piece of literature. Read the rest of this entry


I have always been obsessed with hug-watching, and I have also been terribly self-conscious of my own received hugs. I used to mistakenly believe that the definition of hug was a warm embrace. After several years of research, I am currently aware that hug just means some sort of physical contact with use of, at least, one arm. It is usually a term to describe wrapping arms around neck, waist, shoulders, or upper/middle/lower back.

I observed many hugs and it seems like it would be way too many to list, but I would like to take a shot at this venture by giving names and descriptions. I tried with the drawings, but for those who have ever used Paint you may understand why I stopped due to extreme difficulty.

Here Goes… Read the rest of this entry

Turning of the Age Page

Remember when your mom or teacher tossed this phrase at you; “I know it all, I’m older and wiser. When you get to my age you will understand”. Okay, maybe not exactly in those words, but that is what your ‘immature’ brain made out. They claimed that you should revel in those glamorous days of school because “Someday, you will wish you were back in high school”. You, most likely, nodded and shrugged it off thinking of all the work load, petty politics, and bullying that you would surely never yearn for. You will definitely be different. 

I can now safely say that I am past all the past and can finally speak as a “wise” adult. I don’t miss high school and I don’t miss teenage drama. I am more than satisfied where I am in life and would NEVER want to be stuck back in love triangles, crushes, schoolwork, and anything that has to do with being so dependent on everyone else. I hated being unsure of myself and I hated not knowing where life was going to take me. I hate the unknown. 

I saw a young girl driving by in the middle of her lessons, instructor to her right, glancing nervously at the road. My hands got clammy and my heart skipped a beat Read the rest of this entry

Grand Canyon Aphthous Ulcer

I have delivered three babies but somehow that doesn’t even come close to battling a canker sore. For that you need a Hulk-type of stamina. These ulcers are claimed to be only shallow sores, but this time I can assure you it is no such thing. Under a microscopic lens you would see that the gaping hole on my lower lip has the depths of the Grand Canyon. I am pretty sure there are even little tiny miners piercing through the raw flesh with minuscule Cold Steel shovels.

It is known that they hurt more when they are agitated, but I can promise you that mine has a life of its own. I don’t even have to think or bother the lesion, it just burns like a lit firecracker at all times. The white circle of fire surrounded by the inflamed red halo has parked itself on my lip and refuses to leave. Read the rest of this entry

Severe Chemical Withdrawal

And so the saga comes to a shattering halt… Several months ago, as my old-time readers may recall, I decided to go on a No-Poo (a collective term for methods of washing hair with no commercial shampoo: Wikipedia) diet. At first it was to see how long I could actually do it, and then in turned into a healthier alternative to the chemical infested products that my body was most familiar with. I love to be healthy, within the norm, and I figured that perhaps it would even make a positive change towards my thin and oily brown hair.

The first few weeks were a disaster. I was not using natural bought soaps and shampoos, I was totally poo-free. I tried everything in the books, or rather Google, I should say; all to no avail. I read up on fantasy success stories of how baking soda rinses and cucumber lemon pulp turned frizzy, unbearable, mop-headed ogres into flowing, lustrous, healthy-haired princesses. Read the rest of this entry

Verbal Diarrhea

I have recently been accused of Verbal Diarrhea by one of my readers and I found it quite amusing. Being that I did a lot of schooling in medical terminology, the word Diarrhea should probably be a lot easier for me to use because it is, simply put, just a condition. However, since way back as far as I can remember, that word has been one of the most difficult for me to say and even to hear.

When I was a little girl complaining of a stomach ache and silently wishing to cut school, my dad would just blatantly pop the question; “Do you have diarrhea?” Every time, without fail, the burning scarlet embarrassment creeped up my neck and across my cheeks and I ran from the room. He did it so often you would think I grew accustomed to the word. But that day never came. Read the rest of this entry

Only the Good Die Young

The world has lost a brilliant entrepreneur and inventor today, and my deepest condolences go out to the wife and children of Apple co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs. Although my post has little to do with him or his death I thought it was applicable nonetheless. Read the rest of this entry

The New Bite on the Block

I used to watch all of Hollywood’s latest movies and shows in utter amazement with dreams of their “glamour”. Only now, I can finally just sit back and enjoy them without the drools of envy. It was beyond me how everyone was so thin/emaciated and flawlessly air-brushed beautiful. Was I the only one battling zits, stretch marks, and daily shaving rituals? They were all buffed up to perfection, not a blemish in sight. No matter how many detox diets and exercises I did, the size still seemed impossible to acquire. But only now do I realize how unrealistic all of it was. Read the rest of this entry