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Once upon a time there was a woman who lived on the still island of Never-Neverland.

(For those of you who are wondering why there is a grown woman in a fictional world of eternal childhood, or perhaps why this creepy woman likes little boys; let me clarify. Scottish writer, J.M. Barrie, created this imaginary, magical island for Peter Pan in the early 1900’s, and it has become a children’s favorite and the perfect name to illustrate this woman’s life.)

Stop disturbing me, I am in the middle of a story….

She attempted at a blog for a few months and finally she came to realize why it was not taking off. It wasn’t because she was not giving it enough time, it was because it’s contents were soporific, vapid, and sadly ordinary. There were 67,165,777 WordPress sites in the world, and that’s not even counting the other free hosting services. When there are that many blogs, each one has to have something unprecedented and exceptional to grab more viewers as they swing by. Read the rest of this entry

Major-ly Useless

A very common complaint among students who have completed degrees in English is, “Now that I have wasted all these years studying English, now what? What can I  even do with such a degree?” I always wanted some sort of academic title to follow my name and even though this one does not entail an immediate job offer, it has caught my attention.

Upon graduation, most successful students conclude their college years with a love for literary works, critical and analytical thinking skills, and the ability to write clearly and effectively. Yes, they may not be able to professionally cook, bake, paint a masterpiece, cure an illness, or aid in the latest medical breakthrough; but they sure as hell can produce a solid piece of literature. Read the rest of this entry

Overbloggers Anonymous (OBA)

  I think this problem has been quite prevalent over the web, and I felt that there was a need for it to be addressed. It is time for someone to set up a program for all these people to get through their recovery of overblogging.

  It all began when WordPress decided to have this Post a Day 2011, to get bloggers to all join in the challenge of daily habitual posts. Can people post every day? For sure, they definitely can. Should they? No, probably not. Generally speaking, unless you are professional writer and you are slowly putting out a complete masterpiece over the course of the week, maybe you shouldn’t post every day. Of course everyone can do as they please, although, I find it hard to make it through most of their blogs. Read the rest of this entry