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Have a Grateful Holiday

In the holiday spirit I will attempt at a blogging transformation, even if slight or temporary. Because let’s face it, I am censorious and a world-class whiner. I tend to have more to write about when it’s something negative or when I am crying from inside a blazing pit of stress and tribulations. When things are good, I can’t seem to come up with words. I choke from the optimism. 

Today, I sat down by the computer, which strangely I have not spent much time on over the past week, and decided a new post was due. This time there would be no complaining about anything, not even about the stupid dog who’s obsessed with peeing on my door every morning leaving an everlasting, lingering stench. It is the holiday season and it is a time to set all the chaotic gift buying down to the side and remember what we have to be grateful for. Read the rest of this entry

Antisemitism and Terrorism

I had plans for a totally different post before I sat down, however, that has all changed. I was actually aiming for some humor, but I can’t bring myself to cracking a joke on a day following one of terror.

I refuse to get into politics, as I had previously expressed, when it comes to who I believe is accountable and why, because I do not know enough. But in this case, a terrorist organization claimed responsibility for their merciless attack, and now I consider myself ‘permitted’ to blame them. That, and especially after they referred to this nefariousness as a “heroic act”. And even more so, after it sparked celebrations in the Palestinian city of Rafa where they handed out candies in the streets. Read the rest of this entry