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Banana Aloe

  I got this new habit of snapping pictures. Every blog that I see with exquisite, professional shots makes me drool. My camera won’t do the job that theirs does, but the sights here are so beautiful, that I’m pretty sure nature does all the work for me.

  There are these plants on the side of our pathway, which I assume are Aloe Vera, however they sprouted these flowers that resembled bananas. They were so ripe, I was tempted to pick one and take a bite. Read the rest of this entry

Blossoms and Buds

I finally got my broken camera to work, and I decided to get some outdoor shots of the beauty that has blanketed our town. The trees are all blossoming and the scents that are being emitted, are exceptional. Allergies are not all that great, but the view is definitely well worth it.

This is how you make do with what you have. I am not a photographer and I have an ancient and basic camera. I always want the latest and greatest in electronics, and I drool with the rest of the world every time Apple releases a new gadget. However, without the money to purchase and without the time to pursue photography, this is all I have.

I will attempt to share with you some of nature’s artistry that surrounds me every day; and finally now, I have found a way to capture it, even slightly. My eyes have been feasting on the scenery and I hope yours will get even a tiny taste. Enjoy.

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