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Tweets for Twits

Every couple of weeks, I try to update my current status from technologically challenged to something that even touches the breath of a goddess of social media. I have to admit, I have more than a long way to go, and I fall embarrassingly short behind the teenager of today. I may know how to keep a blog struggling afloat, but when it comes to the terminology usage of even the youngest of children today, I am floored by their knowledge and baffled by their words.

It brings me back to the days when my pre-digital age grandparents’ faces blanketed with sheer bewilderment, speechless, as they watched from behind as I speedily chatted with friends, tossed the internet slang with strings of abbreviations, and changed the settings on the computer. Us digital natives just had a knack for computers, we grew up together. Read the rest of this entry


Smitten With Laziness

I am not sure how this happened, but I have been plagued by the laziness epidemic. It is possible that it’s because we have computers and now the world is at our fingertips. I assume that is the cause.

I wake up and dash to the bathroom. (Probably the most I move in a day) Sadly, I must lift my lazy butt, although I am awaiting for the arrival of a bathroom app or something of the sort. I grab a quick microwave meal from within one of the bags of delivered groceries which were ordered online. Seconds later, voila, a full nutritious meal. I sit by the computer and read through my emails and pay my outstanding bills. I order some pizza for lunch and chat up a few friends. I put my feet up and watch the latest TV show episodes and check out the current news. Read the rest of this entry