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Severe Chemical Withdrawal

And so the saga comes to a shattering halt… Several months ago, as my old-time readers may recall, I decided to go on a No-Poo (a collective term for methods of washing hair with no commercial shampoo: Wikipedia) diet. At first it was to see how long I could actually do it, and then in turned into a healthier alternative to the chemical infested products that my body was most familiar with. I love to be healthy, within the norm, and I figured that perhaps it would even make a positive change towards my thin and oily brown hair.

The first few weeks were a disaster. I was not using natural bought soaps and shampoos, I was totally poo-free. I tried everything in the books, or rather Google, I should say; all to no avail. I read up on fantasy success stories of how baking soda rinses and cucumber lemon pulp turned frizzy, unbearable, mop-headed ogres into flowing, lustrous, healthy-haired princesses. Read the rest of this entry

The Green Scam

For those of my readers who have been around my blog for quite some time, you all know I have some sort of soft spot for Going Green. I don’t buy organic and my house is the furthest from Green, or healthy for that matter. But, I do try. At any chance that I have to bring in more natural products, I do. But the real question is, where do I stop?

My problem is, aside from the expense of it all, I just always wonder how much of our Green and Organic is a scam, and how much is important for our bodies, health, and environment. I am all for all the latter, but how far do I go to aim for natural perfection. Read the rest of this entry

Say Yes-Poo to No-Poo

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term ‘No-Poo’, I will enlighten you. I assume you  aren’t insanely natural and health conscious (or just new to the idea like me) so, ‘No-Poo’ is the phrase used for no commercial shampoo usage. Basically, going natural for some, or spending hours making your own, for others. I like to be healthy but I refuse to go crazy. I respect those who go all the way out for all these things, but I don’t feel pressured in doing the same. Whether or not I believe that the organic craze is crap or not, good for those who can afford to uphold its lifestyle. If I had loads of extra cash I would go for it too even if I was unsure of its necessity. But I don’t.

There are always things that I can attempt to change in my home before that huge kitchen turnover. I switched to BPA free and it was easy. I love kitchen gadgets so it was definitely an excuse to get some more.  Maybe I can make a change in my children’s health, or maybe not. But it’s the least I can do in this junk infested world. Read the rest of this entry