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I HATE Nightmares

You know, I have forgotten how much I hated nightmares. It has been a really long time since my dreams have gone sour and now, that sabbatical has been more than shattered. I tend to wake up remembering 1-2 dreams and usually, they are standard, decent ones. Sometimes they are ‘yummy and delicious’ and I try not to wake up and snuggle into my pillow. At those times, I silently curse the child who made me leave my blissful and perfect world. You know how it is.

Last night, I had the honor of being the most incompetent character in a really bad dream. I refuse to say it over because even thinking about it, makes me shudder. I trembled for a good half hour afterwards as my eyes glanced around the room, as if on speed. Experiencing those intense feelings of panic and terror all the while being completely and utterly helpless, far exceeded ‘agonizing and tortuous’. It was my own personal, chilling, heart-racing horror movie. Read the rest of this entry

The CliffHanger and Its Early Demise

The TV shows’ seasons have all been drawing to a close over the past week and  I have noticed that the  finales have changed dramatically over the years. Lots of shows, that I have been watching over the past five years, have become soporific and hardly mediocre, although still keeping me riveted to the screen. They have just become my family and I need to see their lives concluding in some form or other. I am captivated by them no matter how hard I try to tear my face away.

I remember the good old days when I closed my eyes through Prison Break. I was actually gripping my blanket and digging my nails into my palms praying it would end safely. In each episode there were moments where my hands were covering my ears so that I wouldn’t  hear the music that skillfully heightened my fear levels to unbearable capacities. The gut wrenching, heart stopping, and deep resonating sounds. I am cringing thinking about the scenes I could hardly sit through. At a certain point I just couldn’t watch any longer and stopped. I needed to wait until the season completed to see the rest, so that I wouldn’t be left a week or two anxiously awaiting the next episode at the edge of my chair. You can’t live like that. It is constant worry. Read the rest of this entry