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Drunk With Power

To The Apples Of My Eye:

My dearest faithful followers,

I am here today groveling before you, begging for your forgiveness. I must offer my sincere apologies and show my deepest remorse for my misdeeds and any mistreatment. I don’t own you, and I never have. You are individuals and you are my companions, not my slaves.

Sometimes I forget that this is a family, not a tyranny. I did not gain this power through great deeds or victories, I don’t even deserve it.  I have no right to oppress you and ignore each of your individual interests. I don’t have the liberty to inflict pain in any form. I asked for you. You are my gifts, not my soldiers. You aren’t obligated to heed to my every command or execute my every decree.

I am not authorized to punish you with painful scoldings or harsh criticism. I must use words to express my wishes, and I must always remember that requests can only be asked, not commanded. I can’t enforce on you senseless demands, and I can’t penalize you for when you don’t please me. You can’t suffer because of who you are. Read the rest of this entry

Peace & Love & Armpit Braids

I spent the last weekend with my family in Itamar, a settlement in the West Bank of Israel. I went with a group of people to support the community in their mourning for the slaughtered Fogel family. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure what good I could do over there with three little kids, but it was worth a shot.

I had a truly amazing time, to say the least, and that says a lot for me. For starters, I had abandoned my comfort zone and stepped into the vast, scary world. Next, I left what I consider normalcy and joined a somewhat camper/wilderness gang far below my living standards. I had gone from civilian to girl scout in a matter of minutes upon exiting the car.

We stayed in a little caravan set out on a cleared mountain top. At one point, it was so windy, the little camper almost took off. There were no screens and four little cots. I am not sure I can call them cots. They were thin paper-like mattresses on a metal frame. The linen was washed and smelled clean. There was a fleece kind of blanket which I refrained from sniffing because even in 5 star hotels, I know they don’t wash those. I just threw those aside and paid dearly for it as I shivered through the night. Read the rest of this entry

Chris Medina, A Real American Idol

I tend to veer towards bashing men more than anything else, and so I must write this post to express my apologies to the exceptional ones. Yeah, you heard me. I definitely just said that. Though a minority, there are select few extraordinary men and they deserve some recognition.

In the American Idol’s audition, there was a contestant, Chris Medina, who came up and sang “Break Even” by the Script. He  sang beautifully, but that wasn’t what I was most impressed by. He was a man. A proper man. His life story really made an impact on me and brought tears to my eyes. I think I owe it to him to share it to the world.

I may not get all the details correct, but the idea remains the same. He has had a girlfriend, Juliana, for eight years and was engaged 2+ years. After they got engaged, they had planned to get married after a two year engagement. Soon before the wedding plans, she was in a tragic car accident Read the rest of this entry

Once You Go Black, There’s No Going Back


O, Love, thou hadst truly swept me away
So pure, so fine. A taste oh so sweet
Passionately enamored. In hope the magic will stay

The smooth and succulent craving
Thou hast me deeply enthralled
A tease, intense desire, into which I am caving

So far from infatuation, how real thou art
A powerful enchantment. A dizzying spell
A deep, tender love thou dost impart

Thou shalt be mine, thou hadst overcome me
Molten waves, thou hadst rushed through all veins
Heart engulfed by a decadent, milky sea

A hopeless romantic, O, Chocolate, I adore thee
All’s right in the world, no more perfect can it be Read the rest of this entry

Out of Control

You know those emotions and reactions that just pop out of you without your consent? Well for them we are going to have to stage an intervention.

Some of you guys I will allow to continuously surprise me because I find you quite amusing. When I’m so exhausted and I’m sitting in a public area and you make my head click to the side then roll into a tumble onto my shoulder, that’s okay. I get a kick out of it every time. It is a delicious wave of sleep that just rushes over. So, there is some uncontrollable drooling that my chin never asked for, but it feels good. Embarrassing, a tad, but still worth it. Keep on rocking.

However, the feelings and emotions that arise upon seeing an old crush or high school sweetheart. You guys have got to stop. Granted, it is sort of humorous and the sensations that overcome our entire bodies are a pleasurable  rush. But sometimes we don’t want public exposure of those things we would like to keep within. It’s when the red colors rush to  your cheeks and your heart falls to the bottom of your chest and then slaps onto the pavement. Read the rest of this entry