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Snow Therapy

I love the snow that is drifting across my blog because we don’t get snow where I live, and this is the most I will get to see.  It has this calming and therapeutic effect on me, I should bring it to my next massage. I have been seeing a physical therapist over the past few weeks for my stiff, board-like neck and back hoping for some relief. I have gotten some, but it seems like a temporary fix and it’s highly addictive.

The first time I entered the office, I was faced with many chuckling eyes that appeared to have been mocking me for being the only patient under 65 years of age. I spoke with my soon-to-be therapist about why I was present at their practice, and still she seemed to be pondering whether my appearance was a mistake. I complained to her of tension and cramps in my back and neck along with terrible migraines which were causing lightening explosions behind my eyes. Read the rest of this entry


Romantic Rubdown

Slow & quiet music, dim lighting, lingerie, and body oils…

What better mood exists for a woman?
One with a man.

  Today was the day that I finally made it to a massage therapist. My shoulders have become so tense, the muscles have knotted into little marbles. Too many cramps and aches forced me to make the appointment. Although I am usually quite hesitant about these kind of visits, finding them to be especially awkward, life has changed me. After three babies and probably a hundred gynecologist meets, I have somewhat mastered the arts of out-of-body experience. I shut my eyes and make believe that I am on a beach in the Bahamas. Read the rest of this entry