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I am NOT coming out of the closet!

I was reading through Salt&Nectar’s blog, and I began to realize that ‘having nothing to wear’ is the prevalent saga of women today. When we have closets brimming with years worth of lightly worn clothing and still, after hours of searching, something befitting (or fitting) for the moment, is indubitably nonexistent.

I know how it happens, and I am pretty sure it’s impossible¬† to prevent this from occurring. It never ceases to amaze the men how they send their significant other into the bedroom to get dressed, with even the largest of wardrobes, and still after two hours of waiting, she returns clad in nothing but her lingerie. Yes, it took her two hours to find underwear that fit. It is so simple, I can’t understand why men are so hardheaded that they can’t comprehend.

This is how it begins. You stock up on pretty underwear, sexy little lingerie Read the rest of this entry

Man Vs Woman

I am all for equal rights to men and women and I believe women should work and need to work. We can do their role, however, I am pretty sure they can not do ours. I have heard it countless times too many. “I can be a stay at home mom and I would be perfect at the job. I even believe the house would run much smoother than when you do it. Why don’t you go to work instead of me.” These are the words of the naive and ignorant men.

Some days I just want to write a list of all the things I did in the house so someone, even if it has to be me, would notice. Sometimes I just want to make special billboards for myself congratulating myself for being the most exceptional mom and housewife. But I don’t. So we remain quiet and we allow the men to keep believing that we do nothing at all.

I love how they honestly believe that they would do a better job. The only person I would never allow to switch roles is my husband. He may be right. Him out of all the men out there may, to my annoyance, can do a better job than me. And that is why I will never let it happen. I would rather work and hire a sitter and not tell him so that he continues working and believing that I am at home being awesome.

You mean to tell me that men would actually sweep behind couches, under beds, and in the corners of the ceiling. Oh right. Why do you have to do things like that. No one is inspecting the corners… Read the rest of this entry